Are Solar Panels Worth It - Solar Panels Prices and Savings

Are Solar Panels Worth It - Solar Panels Prices and Savings                                                                                 Many people are considering using solar energy to power their home, here at approved trader we are here to help you way up the pros and cons of solar power and help you find the best deals for installing solar panels in your homes property.

Costs for Solar Energy

Here at Approved Trader we describe the costs incurred in constructing a solar power system and what running costs you can expect. You'll also get an example of a cost estimate for a photovoltaic system for a detached house.

The cost of photovoltaic systems are made up of different components. More than 85 percent of the costs are material costs for solar modules, mounting systems, inverters, solar cables and other smaller components and possibly an additional power storage. At first impression these initial costs seem expensive, but when measured over the life of a home solar power system you are able to compare the prices with traditional energy sources. When looking at solar panels there are many grants and offers available to promote green energy, when you enquire to approved trader we will be able to give you details of specific offers available in your local area.

A cost of solar modules

The solar panels that are used to generate the power is the largest cost factor. A distinction is made between monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules and thin film modules. Due to the different manufacturing processes and specific characteristics consist price and performance differences between the various types. For more information, and specific quotes please enquire online or call for a tailored free quote . The cost of the modules lie from 1.25 to 2.25 per watt peak. For a single family home that requires 4000 kWh of electricity per year, the cost of photovoltaic modules are thus about 5,000-9,000.

Cost-level inverter

Most household appliances use AC power. Since the photovoltaic modules only generate direct current, the current must be converted. For an inverter is installed. The cost of an inverter will be around 1,200. Other components such as network connection and meter make up about 10 percent of total costs.

Cost for the assembly and installation

Apart from the pure material costs but also other costs incurred in the process of building a photovoltaic system. The installation should be carried out if possible a professional. Per installed kilowatt peak (kWp) performance, it must be calculated with a cost between 80 and 120. In the example of the family house, which requires a 4 kWp photovoltaic system, therefore the installation costs 480-720. However, In addition there are planning and documentation costs.

Total cost

Overall, the cost of the acquisition of PV for a typical single-family house is currently about 7,500 for an average 5 kWp system. Because even here there are significant price and quality differences, you should seek advice on any case by a specialist company. This provides you the wide range of products together for you an optimal photovoltaic system, which fits to your price expectations. We can help you competent to find photovoltaic specialist company local to you. If you enter your postcode into the simple enquiry form, you get a list of solar panel specialist companies in your area.

Optional: costs for solar power

In the total cost was not included so far are the cost of a photovoltaic battery. These devices are especially since the store excess power for use later.

Ongoing costs for photovoltaic

Compared to the cost, the running cost of photovoltaics are low. One goes with the current cost of a year about 2 percent of the cost of traditional energy sources. This means costs 200-280 for a family house.

Operating costs include insurance premiums and reserves for possible repairs and possibly the replacement of a defective device. In addition, annual cost of the rental will be due the counter which indicates how much electricity the PV system feeds into the grid.

In an expensive purchase such as photovoltaics should be particularly placed on a suitable insurance value to be protected in case of damage. Consequently, even before the installation of the photovoltaic system on your building and liability insurance

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