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Farms turn to the equestrian world for alternative source of income

Increasingly farmers are turning to other income streams to supplement falling revenues from traditional sources.

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Increasingly farmers are turning to other income streams to supplement falling revenues from traditional sources. With the milk industry in crisis from the low prices paid by supermarkets, coupled with other drops in income, while running costs and wages are increasing, more and more farmers are being forced in to finding new revenue streams. One of the most popular of which is that of catering for the equestrian market.

Livery YardsFarms Becoming Livery Yards
Many farms are accepting horse owners as liveries at their farm, with spare land for grazing along with outbuilding for the conversion to stables and riding arena`s many farms have started evolving to cater for the equine industry.

As well as the income from the rental of stables and grazing for the livery, farmers are also able to sell their liveries straw, hay / hayledge, and feed for their horses.

Another source of equestrian income for farmers is harvesting, many horse owners who have surplus land leave some land vacant to grow hay or hayledge, these fields will need to be cut, bailed and transported for use, with many farmers having the needed equipment and skills they can help their equine neighbors and make a bit of money while they are at it.

Muck removal and spreading
Many stable yards have muck heaps that need to be removed or spread, again the same with the harvesting farmers can offer their skills and equipment.

If you are a farm looking to convert part of your farm to cater for horse lovers Approved Trader are able to help you find equestrian construction experts local to you.

Creating a cross country course
Many farms have enough land to construct a cross country course around the land, horse riders are often looking for new places to take their horses and an attractive cross country cost can attract visitors who will pay to ride around the cross country course.

Fencing Fields For Horses
Although many farms fields are already suitable for keeping horses some may need some work carrying out to make them suitable. If you have sheep wire on your land then this is best replaced if horses are going to be kept on the land.

Popular fencing options for horses include electric fencing, post and rail fencing and more recently upvc / plastic fencing.

Converting outbuilding to stables
Many farms have numerous outbuildings that may be suitable for use as an American style barn to house stables, the typical size of a stable is around 12ft x 12ft. Approved Trader have specialist stable companies who are able to sell prefabricated stables for you to construct yourself, alternatively you can have them fitted but this will obviously increase the cost.

Indoor riding arena, menage construction
If you are having liveries then it is important that you give them some decent riding, you may have good hacking but the addition of a riding arena will help greatly in attracting liveries to your farm livery yard.

If you have spare outbuilding then you are able to add a surface suitable for horses to work on making an indoor riding arena for your liveries to use as well as possibly giving you added income for having people rent your indoor arena. Alternatively you are able to add an outdoor riding arena or menage, this will need decent drainage and has the drawback of being open to the elements.