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Fence Posts                                                                                                                                 The fence post is the support of your fence, as the pillar of your fencing, your strong fence posts helps give you fence durability and longevity, the choice of material for your fence post needs to be considered. Approved Trader can help you choose the best fence post for your garden depending on your garden landscape and your own personal preferences. Buy fence post from fencing companies offering fence posts supply only as well as helping you finding fencing contractors who can install fence posts to our homes garden

Materials for fence posts

There are various materials for fence posts. The most logical choice is the same material for your fence and your posts. However, in the case of a mesh fencing, all types of poles may be suitable for your fencing.

Wooden post : Gives you an attractive natural look and feel for your garden, wooden fence posts may rot, but with the correct treatment can be long lasting and durable

PVC Fence PostsPlastic fence posts come in a large range of effects and can be used to suit most garden designs, upvc is highly durable and is weather resistance.

Concrete Column - Fence Post - Concrete posts are a extremely strong and long lasting and can be used as a great design feature for your garden.

Metal Poles - sturdy and durable, metal poles can be used with many different types of fences and is ideally suited to mesh garden fencing.

Mounting fence poles

There are two main ways to bury a fence post: concrete or metal soles. In addition, depending on the type of fence, you should:

plant poles all at once: open mesh or smooth;

planting poles in As: solid panels.

Seal the fence post in concrete

We must first dig foundations to bury the post which must be depressed to a quarter of its height to ensure they will be long lasting .

Chock pole with stones or debris blocks then hold it to the floor using rafters and poles. Pour the fast-setting concrete around the post, and give a shaped slope outwardly to facilitate the flow of water.

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Installing new fencing is not an easy task, so if you are not sure, call a pro.

Precision and rigor is necessary for the installation of a gate, by using a professional fencing contractor for the installation of a new fence.

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