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Home Lighting                                                                                                                               Approved Trader has many enlightening tips for really good lighting at home helping improve the comfort factor of your home’s interior, ensures the right light for safety and a pleasant atmosphere. Be inspired with practical lighting examples for every room and lots of tips for creative lighting design.

Whether new construction or just fancy a little change, we have information, help and advice for what is important for the private lighting design. We can help you find the right lights and lamps to suit your property.

Fancy a new sense of space? Of colour? Here at approved trader you will learn how the right lighting can give your rooms a new dimension in combination with your home’s interior.

How to save energy with energy efficient lighting, from removing unnecessary power-hungry light, the correct lighting options can decrease your monthly energy bills saving money and helping protect your environment.

Building a new property or renovating an existing property: Careful analysis and professional planning are the basis of optimal lighting solutions that combine ecological and economic aspects efficiently.

Good lighting design reduces lighting costs

As energy effecient home lighting system can achieve maximum savings with energy-efficient light.When planning your homes interior the lighting costs are important decision criteria. The cost of a lighting system shall consist of the

Capital costs - purchase and installation - and the

Operating costs - energy requirements, maintenance and repair.

As energy costs now account for about half of the total cost of a lighting system, it stands to reason that with more energy efficient lighting highest savings can be achieved.

the expert selection of energy saving lighting for the home
- durable lamps with high luminous efficacy and good color rendering ,
- energy-saving control gear and
- energy-efficient lighting with optimized light control,

and the use of modern technologies for the control of lighting, enable both the optimum use of daylight and flexible lighting according to actual needs.

For expert help with your home lighting enquire online and speak to lighting experts local to you.

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