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If you have a stable / livery yard or simply planning to keep your horse at home, it is important that you first make sure horse fencing installed around your property is safe and secure.

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If you have a stable / livery yard or simply planning to keep your horse at home, it is important that you first make sure horse fencing installed around your property is safe and secure. There are many options fencing, but not all of these options suitable for keeping horses. For example, barbed wire fences may well be included for livestock, but they are extremely dangerous as horse fencing. Knowing which types of fences are for horses is the best way to keep your equine companion enclosed safely.

Plastic Horse Fencing

Plastic Fencing

UPVC fencing offer new fencing options for horse owners, giving them durable weather resistant fencing for horse fields. Offering easily visible white plastic fencing as well as wood effect plastic fences that give your property a natural look. If you are looking for expert fencing options get in touch with Approved Trader now.

Wooden fences

Standard wood fences can be an excellent choice for keeping horses, provided the fencing is properly cared for. If you plan to keep your horse in a wood fence, it is important that fencing is kept in good condition. It is also important to ensure there are no gaps or cuts in the fence. If any of the wood was splintered, it is important to replace the entire board - present a splintered board can be a real danger to a horse.

If you have a wooden fence to keep horses, it is also important to make sure the boards are close enough preventing their necks between the plates.

Electric Fences.

Electric fencing can be a good choice for horses, Once a horse understands how electric fences work and have been trained to respect the electricity flowing through the fence. While old-style electrical wire can still be a good choice is a better choice, the new hot band that is available is increasingly popular. This type of fencing embeds strands of electric wire in a white plastic fences that can be processed both visible and easily. The main advantage of the hot band on standard electric fence is the fact that it is easy for horses to see - many escapes from electric fence are the result of horses not seeing the fence barrier. No matter what kind of electric fence you choose, it is important to walk the fence and introduce your horse to the fence.

Whatever type of equestrian fencing you are looking for approved trader can help you get low cost quotes from fencing contractors.

Guides Horse Fence

Horses are among the most popular animals that are around the world at home. You want to be kept and cared for humanely. This includes not only stable and paddock, food and accessories for riding, and of course the horse fence. Only those who opt for a high-quality electric fence for horses, can be really sure. What does the power fence for horses and what should be paid when buying? Answers to these important questions can be found here as well as tips on what horse fence for what purpose offers and how to equip the electric fence for the horse paddock properly.

Which horse fences are there?

The fences for horses are almost as varied as the breeds in cold-blooded animals and warm-blooded animals. There is a fence style that is in circulation for centuries and still has not had its day: the horse fence made of wood. He can be seen on many paddocks and certainly has advantages. The natural materials blend into the environment, and there is no risk of injury for the animals fenced. Here outweigh the bad on closer examination, because a wooden fence for the paddock is not necessarily particularly weather resistant. In addition, it is easy for stubborn, aggressive, forceful or spirited horses, to damage, destroy or overcome in an emergency the wooden fence. Who really wants to take care of security, should therefore prefer to move with the times and to decide against a paddock fence made of wood or a combination of wooden fence and more effective methods, such as electricity. Nevertheless, it lends itself to the horses, permanent einzufrieden the riding arena, the vivarium or the pasture with a hard wooden fence. Designed to last in the fairly easy-to-install fences to look for.

A suitable alternative is the electric fence for the horse. It corresponds in some ways to the conventional electric fence and can therefore be used for other animals such as cattle, sheep or goats. What makes electric fences for horses? Clearly it's the fact that you are working with electrical voltage. So there is not only a mechanical barrier, but the animals are put off by an electric shock when touching the fence and do not try to escape. Whether as a permanent, semi-permanent or mobile horse fence energiser is the preferred option. While the fence is constantly supplied with electricity, but it therefore poses no danger. The animals are in fact scared only with a shock pulse when they come in contact with the conductors. As soon as they recede, they are not exposed to more impulse. This principle distinguishes all electric fences for horses and other pets as well as livestock, regardless of the model.

The advantages of the electric fence paddock

Opposite the permanent fence made ??of wood provides the power fence for horses decisive advantages. They include
- durability
- more security could hardly be
- fixed or mobile use
- modern technology
- easy to build and maintain power stations
- not only for horses

So the horses are kept in the fenced area on the one hand, of course. Secondly, the electric horse fence but also ensure that no intruders from the outside penetrate to the animals makes. Who holds valuable horses a noble breed for breeding or equestrian that will make constantly worry, the animals could be stolen, for example in the absence or overnight. Relying on an electric fence for the horse, to avoid the problem, because who wants to gain unauthorized access, should arrive to the electricity or make at least once cumbersome at ApprovedTrader to create. Sometimes when you read in the news about criminals who cause the horses pain or take them from even the wildest reasons life. Again, against a current fence for the horse an effective deterrent and reliable protection system than a pure wooden fence.

Mobile Horse Fence

The mobile horse fence is a variation of the electric fence, which was created for short-term use. With a few simple steps and in just a few minutes, a mobile electric fence for horses is constructed and dismantled. Will you quickly define a field, secrete an animal or a small group, temporarily inject a pasture or worry on horseback for protection, a mobile electric fence is just the thing. The set of conductors with inserted piles of plastic is easy to handle and yet very safe. The electrifiable fence for mobile use is convinced at Horse Trekking tours or courses, at tournaments or small horses held for carrying and just like its fixed relative. With the mobile fence one saves effort, time and money and ensures ago. A mobile horse fence is of course also equipped with an energizer with battery and should be carefully constructed.