More safety and comfort with a video door entry system

More safety and comfort with a video door entry system                                                                                      It gives you a feeling of security when you can see exactly who's at the door before you open it. The best solution is the use of a video door entry system giving you a safer distance than just a traditional peep hole. Consisting of an outdoor unit of a camera and an indoor unit of a speaker and video screen offering safety and comfort. In multi-family houses a Videophone is a practical solution, because you can see who's at the front door, without the need to leave the apartment, in this case, of course you can connect multiple indoor units to the same outdoor unit.

Tip: If you do not want to elaborate route of cables for video transmission when installing your Videophone, you can use a wireless system to transmit the signal. When you purchase a video door intercom always consider the range and the susceptibility to interference, for example by WiFi networks. Approved Trader gives you access to security professionals who will be able to discuss the different models available.

So that you are happy with your video entry phone, there are several things to consider. As with all other equipment there are the steps to consider when buying a video entry device. Compare reviews and customer opinions and get expert help from a security professional!

The image quality of the video being transmitted is naturally important, you want to identify as many details as you can so you know who it is at your door. Therefore, camera, image resolution and size or resolution are important.

Operation - The operation of the door intercom with video, should work simply and easily, with a logical menu navigation and controls to operate the device.

Special Features - What specific functions do the specific Videophone model bring with it? A very handy feature, for example, the storage of photos and video on a memory card. Also the possibility to connect a separate electronic door opener is an excellent feature.

Night Vision - So that they can see in the dark, who is at the door, night vision with infrared LEDs should be available in some models and can be a great addition.

Durability - Especially the outdoor unit should be sturdy and weatherproof. Housing made of metal are preferable option here, but there are alternatives available.

Expandability - For multi-family homes, it should be possible to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

Approved Trader can help you find cheap, robust, stylish video security units with sleek design that will complement your home’s exterior. With experienced security professionals, complete our simple enquiry form to discuss the different options available.

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