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Over Half Of Us Don`t Test Our Fire Alarm

In recent research that we have carried out has shown that over half of us don’t regularly test there smoke alarm.

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We have recently carried out research which has produced some alarming results showing that over half of us dont't regularly test our smoke detectors.

The department for communities and local government have released some promising figures showing how many people are getting the message and installing a smoke alarm in their properties, 92% of properties now have detectors showing a steady increase over the past decade.

This shows that most homeowners have finally realised the importance of the fire alarm in their properties, although our research has shown that most people do not regularly ensure the smoke alarm is in full working condition.

We found that only 3.9% of people test there smoke alarm on a weekly basis, with 15.7% checking on a monthly basis and 30.2% every six months.  37.9% check the functionality annually while 12.3% confessed to never testing that the smoke alarm was still in full working order at all, so although these people have installed a fire alarm in there home they could still be totally unprotected.



Every 6 Month


Over a Year / Never











How Often Should You Test Your Fire Alarm?
It is recommended that you check your smoke alarm weekly simply using the test button, every six months you should open the case ensuring it is clean inside removing dust from the smoke sensor. Unless you have a ten year alarm you should change the battery on a yearly basis. Once you have changed your battery you should check that the alarm is working once it is back in place.

During 2012/2013 British Fire authorities attended 192,600 fires with 350 fire related deaths showing the dangers of fire, the use of a fire alarm can greatly help reduce the damage caused by fire by capturing it early.