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Patio Problems

A customer is having problems with their patio, can you help?

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Patio Issues
Attention Approved Traders, one of our customers is in need of advice! Below is a breakdown of their issues. If you have any advice please post in the forum section, If you would like to quote for the work then contact our contracts team. The customer is in the West Midlands area.

At my house there is an issue which has started to appear, I have spoken to a few people but nobody seems to be able to suggest a permanent solution which does not involve completely re building the patio. Is the issue even that bad? Will the patio fall eventually and is there a something I can do to support it somehow to stop this from happening?The existing patio has been installed for a few years, the fence posts are sunk pretty deep but it seem to be holding a lot of weight. This photo shows the patio from the front and the ground surrounding it.

Patio Front


Patio Lean

This photo shows how the wall has started to lean slightly, I`m not sure how long it has been like this and in truth that alone wouldn`t worry me but gaps have started to appear in the slabbing section between slabs and seeds have started to grow in the gaps. I am wondering really if there is any way to brace the wall so it doesn`t lean anymore and eventually fall.

I know the area needs some tidying up so please don`t judge the aesthetic but there seems little point fixing it up if it is going to fall down!

These three photos show how a gap has started to form in between the slabs near to the wall.

Patio Plan

Patio Plan 2

Patio Plan 3

Does anyone have any advice at all? Do you think it is likely to fall? Is there a way I can brace the wall to stop it from leaning any more or does it really have to be re-done?Thanks in advance.