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Preventing Fire in Your Home

Smoke and fire alarm save lives - fire protection and fire prevention saves thousands of lives throughout the UK, a large percentage of fires occur at night in your own home. the combination of fire and smoke can be a deadly cocktail if you are not alerted promptly.

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Residential fires in the UK are far too common, and many of these could be avoided with the appropriate precautions. House fires cause of many deaths and the root of the problem is often neglect, carelessness and recklessness of risk.

Causes of Home Fires

There can be many causes of fire in the home, three main factors are electric fires, gas and open flames.

Electric Fires
An electrical fire can be triggered when a cable or device overheats. The combustible parts (dust, plastic ...) surrounding the wire heat up and in turn catch fire.

Electrical fires especially occur when the electrical system is old (inadequate amperage, no leakage circuit breakers, too thin son section, circuit overloaded sockets).

Pay Attention to the installation of Electrical Goods
Even normally used an old installation of 30 years can be dangerous. If in doubt, do not hesitate to have an electrical diagnosis carried out by a professional.

Another major cause of a electrical fires is overloading your power supplies, multiplying the devices and power used on an electrical port increases the risk of fire.

Many rooms in your home use water fittings such as the kitchen or bathroom, electrical installation must be adapted to the specific conditions of the rooms containing water.

Take the usual precautions

  • Regularly clean the ventilation systems of electrical equipment (after disconnecting)
  • Avoid connecting multiple plug extensions and overloading an electrical socket
  • Do not dry clothes near a radiator or electrical heater
  • Do not leave electrical appliances on standby; Similarly, many prevention experts recommend turning off electric devices.

Halogen bulbs may be at risk of bursting and must be protected by a grid.

Many gas fires are caused by outdated facilities, maintenance negligence or reckless behavior. Any installation of gas equipment must be completed by a qualified gas engineer.

In the event of a suspicious odor turn off the main gas supply for your home, ventilate your home without causing spark (do not turn on the light or ring the doorbell, or use a flashlight)

Call the fire department from outside the home

If the concentration of butane or propane in air is between 5 and 10%, it's the neighborhood that could explode.

Annual maintenance of gas appliances such as your boiler should be carried out by a qualified professional you may consider taking out a maintenance contract. The maintenance and cleaning of the vent flue gas is a requirement for tenants.

Cooking Appliances
The overflow of frying oil is a main risk of fire in the kitchen. Important! Never throw water, it would exacerbate the fire. Smother the fire with a heavy fabric or a powder extinguisher.

Anticipating gas leaks
Connecting gas hoses must be immediately replaced before the deadline.

Finally, never leave home leaving a pot on the fire ...

Burns can be very serious and leave lasting scars. Never try to remove clothing from a burnt if bonded to the skin. Skip burn under cold water at low pressure valve. In the absence of water and cover, fire victim must roll over.

Fire Places
Fireplaces and Inserts require regular sweeping!

Entrust the installation of a fireplace, an insert or a drain pipe that a professional follow specific standards for the quality of materials used.

Use a firewall against the risk of flying embers

Do not store flammable items (fabrics, paper ...) near the canal, storing the ashes outside

Have the chimney swept every year exhaust ducts to prevent buildup of flammable soot, very dangerous. Invisible to the naked eye, occurs particularly in curves and horizontal portions of the conduit.

Opt for the mechanical sweeping (using a hedgehog) directed by a professional (sweeping by chemicals or suction is inefficient)

Sweeping is to perform at least once a year, every six months for an insert

Fire and childrenChildren are the first victims of the fires. Highly vulnerable to toxic fumes, they also tend to panic. Hence the absolute imperative to never be left home alone!

Naturally fascinated by fire, they are also likely to attempt dangerous experiments, for fun or curiosity.

Prevention TipsStore flammable products (indicated by an icon), matches and lighters out of reach

Exclude firecrackers and fireworks rockets, which in addition to a risk of serious injury, can trigger rapid fire if improperly used.

Educate them in the fire and its dangers

Candles are fashionable decorations that can be very dangerous placed near flammable (paper, cloth ...). Always fix firmly in a stable location and keep an eye on it.

AerosolsNever store aerosol sprays (insecticides, paints, paint, adhesives ...) and flammables near a heat source.

Mandatory protection: smoke detector

Smoke and fire alarm save lives - fire protection and fire prevention saves thousands of lives throughout the UK, a large percentage of fires occur at night in your own home. The combination of fire and smoke can be a deadly cocktail if you are not alerted promptly. Most fire related deaths are caused by the effect of smoke inhalation, a functioning Smoke detectors is proven tool to help alert you of the danger and get to safety.

During the day you can usually discover and quickly extinguish a fire but at night, however, while you are asleep a fire can start and build up, so that the victims are caught sleeping, without realizing the dangerous fumes.

Fires can be caused by many things, and negligence is not the only cause, gas leaks, electrical faults and faulty appliances are all possible causes for a fire in your home.

Smoke detectors save lives - the loud alarm of the smoke detector warns you even if you are sleeping that there is a fire, and gives you the necessary advantage to be able to get yourself and your family to safety.

Approved Trader can help you find information on the different fire alarms to fit to your home, browse the different models to find the one you prefer. Once you have installed your smoke alarm it is important you carry out regular tests to insure your fire alarm is working.

Approved Trader can also help you find qualified electricians and boiler engineers who will be able to carry out work on your property professionally ensuring the work is carried out safely and reduces the chance of technical fires in the future.