Rabbit Proof Fence - Rabbit Control

Rabbit Proof Fence - Rabbit Control                                                                                                         One of the best ways to keep rabbits away is to enclose the garden with poultry fence. Use a 48 inch fence and' bury it ten inches under the ground. While few rabbits dig under a fence it is usually enough to stop most rabbits. You can also build cages placed on the selected garden beds where plants are most attractive to rabbits. Approved Trader have many fencing specialists who will be able to help protect your garden from unwanted visitors.

If you have large pastures of land with horses or other livestock, rabbit holes can be dangerous to them causing injuries or even death, in these sort of situations you may consider hireling a professional rabbit control professional.

Rabbits` can cause a lot of mess in your garden breeding early and often, producing several litters each year the rabbit population can grow quickly. They are particularly destructive of young fruit trees, garden vegetables, and leaves of tulips.

To protect fruit trees from rabbits, build a fence cylindrical screen around the trunk, or you could buy perforated plastic strips that are available making it difficult for rabbits to make a meal of your bark on your tree. As well as protecting your tree from rabbits this will also discourage mice from damaging the tree.

Fortunately, rabbits are timid creatures and are easily frightened. A snake toy or even an old piece of pipe'' watering the garden can temporarily keep rabbits away. There are also chemical repellents available on the market.

Other things you could try is to spread one of the following substances around the plants you are trying to protect, powdered aloe, tobacco dust, cayenne pepper or black pepper, wood ash or cow manure.

Rabbit Proof Fencing

When fencing off your garden / allotment / land there are a fencing options available if keeping rabbits out is a priority usually leaning towards wire frame fencing choices.

Hexagonal Wire Netting
Ideally suited to rabbit proof your garden, can be use for the whole circumference of the garden or alternatively placed around plantings and trees in the garden.
Square Wire Mesh Fencing
PVC coated square wire netting ideal for use to protect your garden from unwanted pests such as rabbits, easily molded for the whole garden or specific areas within the garden.
Wooden Fencing
A solid wooden fence can create an attractive garden perimeter, giving protection from rabbits and pests as well as giving added security to your property

All this fencing types provide excellent protection to your garden, it is important to keep the fencing maintained and check that the rabbits are not trying to burrow into your garden.

Find Fencing Contractors - Looking for help for fencing your garden approved trader can help you in your search for a contractor in your local area.

Buying Fencing Materials - If you are looking at constructing the fence yourself we are able to help you purchase the material needed to build your own rabbit proof fence.

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