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The benefits of installing shower screens into your bathroom can help increase the feel of comfort, you should choose your installation based on various criteria, the form that will take your shower enclosure maintenance, passing by the available space in your bathroom!

Choose a Screen Depending On The Configuration

Fully waterproof, the shower walls present only advantages: they not only let in light, but they grant to your living space and comfort unique modernity. In addition, the walls are equipped with systems and forms that adapt to all environments, as well as all configurations.

You may consider standard sizes or made to measure, depending on your situation. Thus counts several kinds of possible shower screen installation:

Shower against a wall several implementations are possible, for example, a configuration consisting only of fixed walls is accessible by hinged door or sliding.

A corner shower, two support walls for multiple possibilities! One can for example consider a full partition, with installation of swinging or sliding door.

A shower niche: the partition wall on three sides and allows the installation of a single swing door, folding or sliding.

If you have little space at the base in your bathroom, you will be more advisable to choose a sliding wall, which will make you save space. Otherwise, if you have enough space on the outside, you can opt for a hinged door.


The installation of shower enclosures with profiles remains very easy thanks to a wall mount, which allows insertion in a wall rail. Profiles with shower walls are particularly suitable for corner showers, which allow you to select from models with sliding or folding doors.

For a shower with a single input (in recess for example), you can consider the installation with the profiles, sliding walls with fixed part. In case you have enough space, you can opt for shower enclosures with hinge in the same way as a closet! We must ensure, above all, to have a room big enough bathroom, so that the system does come clutter the space. Beware though: unlike the profiles, you can not make readjustment!

So be sure to take the measurements of your shower space accurately.


Regarding the maintenance of your wall itself, everything depends on your sensitivity and practicality you want to give your installation. A glass wall will require a regular maintenance with the product window and a cloth. For a Plexiglas wall, you need to think about further maintenance. Indeed, the limestone is capable of adhering more evenly. You will have to opt for a weekly cleaning with a cloth with an anti-limescale product. You can also try a microfiber cloth dampened with either white vinegar or a mixture of household alcohol, white vinegar and water.