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Top Toys For Your Kids Playroom This Christmas

Top Toys for Your Kids Playroom This Christmas Having a place for the kids is a must for any home, a place where they can play and make a mess without destroying a house.

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Top Toys for Your Kids Playroom This Christmas Having a place for the kids is a must for any home, a place where they can play and make a mess without destroying a house. As we head into the festive period we have decided to try and give our visitors some inspiration with their Christmas gifts and toys to make your kids playroom complete.

Game Consoles

From the Nintendo of old to the new game consoles of today the Xbox one and play station 4, game consoles have also been a favourite for kids. Ask any kid nowadays what game console they would like, the split would be split between the new xbox one or Sony play station 4.

Xbox One
Xbox One Game Console

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The xbox one is the latest game console from Microsoft, with awesome graphics and a big catalogue of games with excellent game play, the xbox one is a great choice for your kid. The xbox one is not only an excellent choice game console but also a great multimedia machine to enjoy.
Sony Playstation 4
Sony Playstation 4


The latest in a long line of excellent game consoles, following from the PS1, PS2 and PS3 the playstation 4 is a favourite for your kids playroom. Twice as powerful as the PS3 you are bound to see a big increase in performance from earlier models.

4ft 6 - Pool Table

4ft pool table

BCE Clifton Folding Pool Table, 4 Ft 6
An ideal gift for your kid to enjoy with friends, when you are invaded by half the school, this pool table is a great way for them to enjoy themselves.

Complete with balls, cues, triangle and cues has everything you need from the get go.

Dimensions (in Use): Length=137cm (54"), Width=69cm (27"), Height=79cm (31").

With a rolling folding leg system, is ideal for smaller area allowing you to make smaller when not in use

LEGO Star Wars 75052: Mos Eisley Cantina

Lego Star Wars

With the excitement of the new upcoming star wars movies why not combine this with the kids favourite Lego.

There are many Lego sets to choose from that your kids can enjoy, from star wars as well as other movie franchises. Here is a Lego set capturing the amazing Mos Eisley Cantina scene from the original star wars.

Barbie Malibu House

Barbie Malibu House

Price: £59.99
Ideal Xmas present for your daughter, this two story Barbie play house, with six rooms and lots of furniture and accessories will give you hours of peace and quiet as your kids play in the play room. Barbie has been a girls favourite for decades and this house continues to continue the tradition of great toys.

A Game of Thrones the Board Game: 2nd Edition

A Game of Thrones the Board Game

Price: £42.92
Yes activities for your kids have come along way with ultra powerful game consoles, but board games are still a great choice, suitable for multiple kids to pass the time of day. This excellent board game based on the award winning TV series game of thrones will give your kids hours of fun and enjoyment.

Micro Scalextric G1092 Fast & Furious 1:64 Scale Race Set

Fast & Furious Scalextric

Price: £26.99
For those racing enthusiasts, the fast and furious scalextrics set again combines a classic kids toy with a popular movie franchise. Build your own tracks and race with friends with this ideal gift.

Nerf Dart Tag 2 Player Starter Set

Nerf Dart Tag 2 Player

Price: £75.45
Ideal for those of us with more than one kids, they can have great fun with this two player nurf set. WARNING: This is great fun for the playroom, but may overspill into the home!

Kids Woodwork Bench and Tools Set

Kids Woodwork Bench and Tools Set

Price: £92.99
Let the kids lean practical diy skills while playing and enjoying themselves. This kids woodwork bench along with tools is an ideal gift for your kids playroom.

Top Trumps Combo Best of Bond & 007 Essential Spy Toys

James Bond Top Trumps

Price: £6.99
An ideal stocking filler for any bond fan, top trumps provides loads of fun for both in the home as well as travelling on road trips.

Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie

A fun filled game for your kids to enjoy, with lots of grossness nose picking fun and avoid the wrong gooey booger to win the game.

Childrens Drum Kit

Kids Drum Kit

Price: £19.95
All kids love playing instruments, but a drum kit may not be ideal for you, making it ideal for those of us with a kids playroom. This kids drum set includes everything you need for a budding drummer.