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Window can be divided into different types and designs, popular window types include sash windows, casement windows, bay windows and bow windows. All these different types of windows are available in different finishes and choices of material.

Since the different window styles have several different features and characteristics that distinguish the differences between them, window types it can be divided and allocated their own in several ways. Windows are very often divided according to the following criteria :

  • Point of use / purpose
  • Opening way
  • Material
  • Window elements

This distinction is the easiest, because often appointed by the place where they are located. However, this classification of the types of windows says nothing about the structure, appearance or security aspect of the window. The main types of windows are:

  • Exterior window
  • French window
  • Skylight
  • Interior windows
  • Basement windows
  • Bathroom windows
  • Bay window
  • Sash Windows
  • Casement Windows

Many windows are also often classified according to their opening type. Therefore, this division is also often referred to as window type referred to. There are the following types:

  • Fixed glass
  • Hung windows
  • Turn window
  • Tilt and turn window
  • Reversible window
  • Swinging casement window
  • Sliding window

Another classification is according to the material. This very rough classification applies only to the material for the window frames and window frames. Here the windows are divided into the following types:

  • Wooden windows
  • Plastic window
  • Aluminum window
  • Wood-aluminum windows

The single window is the most common used windows in Europe. This window structure consists of a single-piece casement frame profile. In this profile, different glazing can be installed. The window frame is firmly attached to the masonry. As part of the window sash with fittings and the corresponding glazing are integrated.

The frame material can be made from different materials: wood, plastic or aluminum. These glass panels could not contribute significantly to the insulation and therefore had a very poor thermal and sound insulation. Therefore, these types of windows of single glazed windows are rarely seen in UK homes anymore.

Single paned windows are now often replaced by windows that have multi-pane glazing (Double / Triple Glazing). Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass. Is a distance between the discs, so that there is a gap. This gap is filled with either air or gas. Also in the double glazing, there are several types that each have different characteristics.

There are sun protection glass, heat resistant glass or soundproof glass . Insulating glass has excellent insulating properties due to the multi-plate technology.

The division of the window by its elements is clearest on. The division into the window type is determined by the window elements used. Therefore, the following window types found:

Double Glazed Window
For double glazed windows, the two single panes are located behind each other, so one window on the inside and one on the outside. The windows are thus opened separately from each other, one inside and the other after the other. The double windows have better heat and sound insulation as a single window, and frequently installed as standard in todays properties, thanks to modern types of windows. Even with double window, there are two further forms: Box double window and the composite window.