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UK Home Owners Turn Their Backs On Real Trees For Xmas

UK home owner favour artificial Christmas trees this xmas

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We surveyed 2000 people 1220 now have artificial trees

The first ever Christmas tree in The UK is said to have been set up at Queen’s Lodge, Windsor by the German wife of George III Queen Charlotte and was sure to be a real pine tree. Artificial trees were also developed by the Germans in the late 19th century initially using feathers and their popularity has been growing ever since to the point where they are now more popular than real trees.

We have undertaken some research to find out how many people are still using real trees and how many still have an artificial tree which they use every year and we asked 2000 people about their preferences.



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It may not be a surprise to you to hear that most people in the UK have an artificial tree in their homes but it may surprise you to see the growing amount of UK residents turning their backs on real trees and indeed on trees in general.

Our research shows that this year 60 percent of homes in Great Britain will host an artificial tree rather than a real one which is an increase of 10% over the last ten years. What may surprise you more is that over 10% of households will not put up a Christmas tree at all this year, but maybe this stat is not so surprising when you consider the more multi-cultural nature of our country today.

Richard Harvey of Approved Trader says “There are a combination of factors which are seeing less of us using real Christmas trees in our homes, artificial trees are getting better, they are coming down in price and are generally less hassle than real trees. Real trees can offer a more authentic feel and in an ideal world many of us would love a real tree but in reality it is just easier to go artificial”

Whether you love the fragrance and general look and feel as well as the renewable nature of a traditional natural tree or prefer the ease and convenience as re-usable nature of an artificial tree you can’t argue that natural trees are simply going out of fashion. In fact if the trend continues as it has over the last 20 years then less than 20% of us will be putting up real trees by 2035 and nearly a quarter of home in the UK will have no Christmas tree at all.