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Adding a conservatory is a great move for homeowners in the UK, they give you extra space which you can use to relax, extend your dining or kitchen area, add an extra lounge or even have a hobby area

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Adding a conservatory is a great move for homeowners in the UK, they give you extra space which you can use to relax, extend your dining or kitchen area, add an extra lounge or even have a hobby area. Though there is a fairly expensive initial outlay, a conservatory can add value and saleability to your home if you do decide to move on. There are many styles and designs of conservatory to choose from but the choice is not always a straight forward one, some styles better suit smaller spaces of can enhance the look of certain types of property.

You may prefer a certain style of conservatory but there is much to consider, available space, period features of your home, landscaping issues, drains and perhaps most importantly available space must first be considered before making a final decision.

Lean To Conservatories

A lean to conservatory is often called a Mediterranean conservatory, it is perhaps the most simple type of conservatory and often the cheapest option available, it has clean lines and modern style which make it the most popular conservatory on the market currently.

This style is great for properties which have restricted space under the eaves or have awk ward areas or those too small to house a full sized conservatory, this type of conservatory can be fitted to nearly all styles of houses even bungalows and terraced homes. The simple shape of a lean to conservatory gives you the most metres squared for your buck.
By using an existing wall from the current building as one side of your conservatory, this design saves on materials and labour costs, you can also share amenities such as heat and electric from the current building further reducing costs.

Edwardian or Victorian

With home buyers and renovators looking to original features and buildings with more character, Edwardian and Victorian Conservatories have been offered a new lease of life. These larger types of conservatory suit medium to large sized gardens which have lots of room for a larger conservatory, having such a structure in a smaller garden area can be a little overbearing. Though these conservatories are an impressive structure in their own right they look spectacular when attached to a property with the same aesthetic.
These types of conservatory are usually square or rectangular aiming to maximise the large floor area to create a great stylish open plan look. You can choose to customise your conservatory with dwarf walls, French doors and also choose between a wide range of glass and panel types as well as frame styles and materials such as upvc, aluminium or even a real wood look such as mahogany or oak.

P Shaped

A P-shaped conservatory is great for larger properties, they are an excellent feature in a large garden and make a real statement at your property. They offer a versatile style and are often big enough to encompass 2 rooms if you so wish allowing you to create a really useful extension to your home. You could create a modern style kitchen diner or even combine a living or dining area with a children’s play area.

The round part of the conservatory can have a three or five sided design and the straight can be either lean to or hipped roof. Though these mentioned designs and types are amongst the most popular options, they are by no means the only choices available, there are Georgian styles and gable fronted and hybrid types such as Edwardian style lean to and gable fronted P shaped styles are available. This only further enforces the idea of doing your research and planning your conservatory around the space you have available, your current architecture and landscaping as well as your aesthetic goals.

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