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Winter Gardens - Making gardens attractive during the winter months

Get help creating an attractive garden for you to enjoy during the cold winter months

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Many of us see the garden as our own personal get away, somewhere you can escape to and relax while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. Unfortunately during the winter months many UK gardens can look bleak and desolate with the disappearance of blooming flowers and the foliage falling from the trees the garden can lose its appeal.

When carrying out the design and landscaping of the garden considerations can be made to create a garden to enjoy all year round, here at approved trader we take a look at some of the hints, tips and advice to improve your winter gardens look and feel.

Use of Materials

When choosing what types of material to use in your garden you are faced with an array of options that can infuse colour in to outside space all year round, example of this include coloured stones and gravel that can be used to create path ways through your garden that will not only be an attractive addition but also make your garden more functional when it rains during the autumn and winter seasons. Garden fencing also can contain colour, giving you a bright exterior around your garden area. Other use of colour includes statues and garden ornaments that can be used to brighten up the garden and give a focal point to the garden design.

Winter Flowers & Plants

Not all plants and flowers go dormant during the winter, with a bit of thought you are able create beautiful flower gardens all year round.

Crocuses - With blue marbled petals they begin to bloom during the autumn months creating an exquisitely coloured scene for you to enjoy, too much rain can adversely affect Crocuses so they are best situated in shelter from the rain.

Flowering Quince - An incredibly sturdy plant the flowering quince is a shrub /tree that can reach a width of up to 8 feet, low maintenance choice for your garden the pant can be placed next to garden fencing and tide in to create an attractive garden feature.

Winterberry - During the winter months these attractive plants lose their green leaves, leaving striking red berries bringing lots of colour into your garden for you to enjoy.

Camellia - A long lasting plant Camellia have thick green leaves with some varieties coming into bloom in mid January, we stunning rose like flowers giving a touch of elegance into your garden in the cold winter months.

These are just a selection of winter flowering plants, there are many more to choose from that can bring your garden to life all year round.

Garden Lighting

As the summer draws to the end and nights draw in lighting can allow you to use your garden when you get back from work in an evening, with stylish lighting options you are able to create a relaxing mood with lighting or use lighting to highlight specific garden focal points, coloured lighting can also be used to create an extra element to your garden design.

Water Feature

- A water feature can be an addition to your gardens design that complements all year round, having a water feature that includes running water can also add the extra sense of sound. There are simple tips that can be used to stop a water feature freezing in the winter, including putting a tennis ball in the water.

Garden Heaters

- With a wide selection of portable heaters for your garden you are able to enjoy it even when it would otherwise be a bit chilli to be sitting outside. Creating a sitting area or covered space with garden heaters positioned can give you a space to enjoy all year round.


- Building a conservatory can form a bridge from the garden into your home, allowing you to enjoy the view of nature from the comfort of your own home.

If you are looking for a landscape gardener to help you create a garden to enjoy during the spring, summer, autumn and winter approved trader can help you find an approved gardener near you.