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Wooden Front Doors

Wood is a classic choice for your home able to give your home a traditional look and feel or a contemporary look depending on the type of wood and the design chosen for your door.

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Building materials and techniques have come a long way over the past few years and doors have followed the same trend, there are lots of materials and styles to consider when choosing the right front door for your home or property. Some types of doors offer improved security, some offer cheaper costs, some focus purely on the aesthetic of your home, perhaps designed to match period features of the building on which they will be attached.

Choosing the Right Front Door

When you are considering the door for you it is best to first decide what the main purpose of the door will be, bearing in mind a place to get in and out of your home is not the only function your front door will perform. Will the door lead directly on the street or do you have an inner security door? Do you have security gates or a letter box or do you need the door to perform these functions? Does your property have period features or a general look which needs to be matched? All of these factors and more need to be taken into account when choosing your door.

If the door is the only door leading onto the street it will need to be able to stand up to the elements as well as dissuade and potentially stop any potential intruders whilst finishing the aesthetic of your home, all of these issues need to be addressed. A Strong wooden door could potentially be the answer, modern wooden front doors are strong, sturdy and much more weather proof than they used to be, they can be painted in any colour or pattern and offer stubborn resistance to and would be intruder or burglar, they can be fitted with coloured glass panels and can be made to order offering a bespoke option.

How Much Do Wooden Front Doors Cost?

The costs of wooden front doors doors can vary depending on what door you choose to go for, the best option for you is to speak to a number of companies and tradesmen and get some prices to choose from, this helps you get the best price for the job as well as check out the company.

We can make getting multiple quotes much easier for you, we have done all the searching, reference checking and company vetting so you donít have to. Just call today or fill in one of our contact forms and we will match your job to up to four of our approved traders who are interested in undertaking the work. Each will arrange a consultation and offer you a no obligation quotation giving you a number of choices to select from.

Wood is a classic choice for your home able to give your home a traditional look and feel or a contemporary look depending on the type of wood and the design chosen for your door.

Your front door is the entrance to your home and in most cases visitors first impressions of you and your home, wooden front doors have a timeless quality to them being used for 100`s of years, wood is durable and with modern treatments for wood available means that new wooden doors actually require a lot less maintenance than older wooden doors.

If you are looking to use a wooden door for your homes entrance then approved trader is here to help with a wide range of doors available to choose from we can provide front doors supply only as well as having a network of tradesmen offering a fitting service, simply complete our simple form with your front door preferences (oak, walnut, pine) and we will provide you with a no obligation quotes for your request.

Oak Front Doors

Oak is known for its strength, durability and give a quality appearance for your home, Approved Trader can help give magnificent looking oak door offering great value for both external and internal oak wooden doors.

No two people are the same and we understand that different people look for different thing for your homes doors, from homemade wooden doors tailor made for you, as well as low cost, high quality machine manufactured wooden doors. With door companies from around the UK offering affordable prices, when completing our simple online enquiry form you will receive multiple free quotes to compare different options and prices allowing you to pick the best door for you.

Pine Doors

Pine is one of the most popular choices for material, as a fast growing tree pine is a sustainable wood source. Pine is softwood which means it is not as durable as many other types of timber as a result pine has historically been used for internal doors, but with modern treatments available for your pine wooden doors allowing you to use pine for external doors.

Walnut Doors

Walnut as a choice of wood is known for being exceptionally beautiful, and popular choice over the years especially in fine furniture. Walnut is popular with carpenter as it it is easy to work with and when polished creates an exceptional finish.