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Wooden Privacy Screens For Your Garden

Get ideas for adding a timber wooden privacy screen to your garden

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Wood privacy screens in your garden create a beautiful natural look. Opaque with grid elements decorated or used as trellises - Wooden screens are versatile. Get the beautify of nature right on to your balcony or terrace, creating a relaxing environment to enjoy. Choose from among different types of wood and they decide individually what you like. You will find many variations and types of wood, from pine to oak to match your garden atmosphere. Modern wooden screens and fences have a high natural resistance to fungal decay and can last for many years. Many of the options for wood blinds are made from the highest quality timber and treated with natural oil. Whether opaque or semi-transparent, wood-privacy fencing reliably protects your garden and creates a great atmosphere for your garden space.

Ideas for Garden Privacy Screens

You can find examples of indoor and outdoor privacy screens in different cultures around the world, from room dividers ancient Japanese paper screens decorative plastic modern American privacy screens,

Outdoor privacy panels are resistant to weathering are form an exterior barrier blocking the view into your garden or yard.

Carved ScreenRectangular wooden planks can go from drab to dramatic when carved with intricate designs, tinged with a rich colour. These personalised privacy screen make an excellent addition for most garden. A popular carving for your garden is an Intricate natural sculptures, like birds flying from tree to tree or a safari landscape covering every plank in your screen, although the list of carvings is endless and comes down to your own personal tastes. A mahogany stain and gloss varnish can also be added giving the screen an antique touch screen. A spot gold and glossy varnish add a formal touch to the decor. Because of the intricate carvings these privacy screen may require extra care when used in the garden as the weather may cause a deterration to the design.

Floral displayWhite floral fabric and wood combine for a privacy screen for your garden with a sweet and feminine style. tall white wooden hinged foot-shaped screen. Folding fabric panels of flowers fill the inside of each wooden structure. The privacy screen made from fabric materials, will need to be stored away as they are not as weather resistant some of the alternative options, only being used when required.

Outdoor lattice screen A thin wooden privacy screen, lattice not only looks good from outdoor environment, can grow vines to the lattice for privacy. Thin strips of natural wood create a lattice top with an earthy feel. Thin strips of white wood create a display with a lively feel. Place the screen lattice on the edge of a patio / terrace to create a small private area or surround the area with the screen to create a private area.

Picture frame screen cover Add a personal touch to your decor with a privacy screen also displays photographs and drawings. A screen picture frame consists of three tall, rectangular wooden panels. Each panel contains several small box photo frames with transparent glass or plastic. You can slide a photo or drawing each frame on the front and back of the screen.

Modern outdoor screen Give your garden a modern twist with a wrought iron privacy screen privacy around your yard. The screen consists of several decorative panels placed in a line. Composed of horizontal and vertical bars iron panels surrounded by thick frames twisted iron, wrought form a dramatic modern screen. Composed of vertical iron bars in a zig-zag with iron decorations points modern panels form an amusing display.