Woodworm treatment

Woodworm Treatment                                                                                                                          Woodworm can be an extremely harmful pest, destroying all types of domestic softwood and hardwood species common in the home. As well as furniture in your home, woodworm can also damage your home roof structure, beams and any wood flooring.

There are numerous treatments for your homes wood, both preserving and protecting wood from woodworm infestation as well as removing woodworm that may already be attacking your homes wood.

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Common Furniture Beetle
The Common Furniture Beetle attacks softwood and hardwood alike but prefers the softer sapwoods. Cool and moist rooms provide the optimal conditions for development. The 3 to 5 mm long oval beetle is usually dark brown to blackish brown.

The larvae hatch after about 2 to 3 weeks and bore into the wood, the larvae hatch in 2 to 4 weeks. The circular holes through which the beetles leave the wood, are 0.7 to 3.3 mm in size and indicate an infestation. Also, the fine debris that may escape when the beetles leave the wood, is a feature of the contamination has to be recognized.

House Borer
The house borer attacks only softwood and prefers warm and humid climates. The flat, dark brown to black body appears oval in plan and white hairs on it body.

On average, the house longhorn is 10 to 25 mm long. By the female in 1 mm small columns are stored clutches of up to 160 eggs. From the 2mm large eggs hatch after approximately 2 to 4 weeks small larvae. These gnaw into the protein-rich layers of wood in which they feed on an average of 3 to 10 years on the wood.

To exit the wood, the house longhorn beetle gnaws itself to wood surface, whereby the characteristic loopholes by which the house borer infestation is often only detected. These loopholes are about 4 x 7 mm in size and have - depending on the surface properties of the wood - fringed or smooth edges. The feeding tunnels lift the wood surface usually slightly, causing a bulging bulge is visible in raking light. If the surface is removed, the insect holes with the fine debris can be seen clearly.

Wood preservatives against woodworm, beetles and pests - Water dilutable wood preservative to combat wood pests such as woodworm, longhorn and post beetle suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Woodworm is actually a beetle, the house longhorn beetle lays its eggs in the wood. The larvae "eat their way through the woods" until they pupate for beetles. On leaving the wood they leave the small visible holes. An active infestation can be seen by holes within your houses timber. Should there be an old infestation the exit holes will appear a darker colour. However, caution should also be urged, for example, if a roof bars on the front page "old woodworm holes" which the beam can still be attacked on the non-visible back. Therefore the problems of a possible woodworm infestation cannot be underestimated . Here at Approved Trader we help you locate certified pest control operators who have the expertise in wood and building pest control.

Wood worm control requires that the damage to the wood is not too advanced, depending on the severity of the damage it may be necessary to replace all its components such as beams for the roof truss.

There is also the possibility of special plugs to drive into the wood. This is a special high-pressure equipment , the means which is to protect the wood to be injected under pressure into the beams.

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