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50 Shades Of Grey

Get hints on using grey for your homes interior decoration

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Many people may consider grey a dull uninteresting colour, but with the release of the very interesting film this valentine `s day we thought we would look at the colour grey for use in interior design and see how grey can be used to great effect for your home interior decoration.

Grey as a colour is elegant and sophisticated colour, but must be used with care and consideration as if used incorrectly can seem depressing.

Grey is a subtle colour that does not bring attraction to itself, because of the it can be used to help emphasise other colours or elements of your home `s interior.

Grey has many distinctive shades from the warmer yellow based grey to cooler bluey grey, whatever grey you choose it is important to pick a colour that resonates with you.
Grey forms an excellent foil for other colours, as a result grey will mix well with almost any other colour, the use of grey is a great way of toning down over-powering interiors and brighter colour schemes.

Grey coloured interiors are excellent for offices and can also be predominantly found in industry, the surgical feel of grey makes it a perfect neutral colour for the work place. This is something that must be considered when decorating your home using grey, you don`t want your home to feel like an office.

Her at approved trader we have expert interior designers and decorators who can work with you to create a fantastic interior using that grey, so if you help creating a design concept or looking for a skilled decorator to turn your own thoughts into reality contact us today, complete our simple online enquiry form and we will find someone to help local to you.

See below some excellent examples of grey in your homes interior design, if you have a grey interior that you would like us to feature in our analysis of 50 shades of grey please send a picture to

Creating Your Dream Interior

Your home interior has many facets that you can use to create your perfect living space, whether its your living room or your bedroom use of colour has a powerful impact on the finished look and feel of a room. Because space is more than the four walls in which we live, use of light, material and colour all have huge impact on your homes interior design.

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