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There are lots of conservatory designs, styles and materials to choose from when considering the look of your conservator

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Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes?

Installing a conservatory on your property could be a great idea for you, they may be an expensive investment but the pro`s far outweigh the cons we`re sure you`ll agree. Having a conservatory extension installation offers you lots of extra space in your home, a whole extra room to use as you please. Many people choose to use their conservatory as a kitchen or dining room, some prefer to use the space for hobbies and relaxation close to the outside and others decide to use it as a children’s play area, whatever you use the area for you’ll soon appreciate the extra space in your home.

Conservatories are not cheap, and the installation can cause some inconveniences during installation but it will all be worth it when you start to reap the benefits, apart from the extra space and obvious aesthetic benefits there could be big financial rewards too. A conservatory can massively increase the value of your home whilst also helping with the general saleability of the property.

There are lots of conservatory designs, styles and materials to choose from when considering the look of your conservatory, you should do your research and consult with your chosen company before making any final decisions. The choice is not always a straight forward one, some conservatory styles better suit different spaces and different gardens as well as the period features of your home, the same can be said of the choice of upvc, wood, aluminium and even other potential structural materials such as brick or renewable products.

Different companies and tradesmen may have their own processes and techniques but in general most will follow the same basic procedure when it comes to the installation of a standard conservatory. The first thing that always need to be considered even before any work commences is local and general building and planning laws which will need to be adhered to, you don’t want to build your dream extension only to find it is an illegal structure and that you must take it down, you should be able to find this information from your local website. The size and height of your building should be at the foremost of your thoughts in this regard as well as the current position of your drains and whether they should or even can be moved.

Once you know where you stand legally you will want the work to start and the first thing which need to go in is you footing and concrete base, you should expect the installers to dig deep footings, fill with cement and lay a membrane to stop moisture rising from the ground. Then a screed will be laid to make the base, the most common material for a screed are sand and cement though you will sometimes see other material added to the mix.

Once the base had gone solid and dry the next stage will generally be the brick laying for the dwarf wall or non-glass sides of the structure ready for your double or triple glazed units to go in next. Once the concrete and brick structures are complete it is time to put your chosen units into place and fixed together to make the basic structure then the roof panels can be put on top and fixed into place to create your solid building.

Once the main building is built, sealed and waterproofed it will be time to think about the inside of your conservatory, what the layout will be like and such. Ideally you will have your electrics installed next so you will need to decide where you want your sockets and what kind of electrical fitting such as lights or fans you are going to have and let the electrician know beforehand what you intend to install.

Next you will need to get you plastering done,  a good plasterer is essential as this is one of those jobs when done right you don’t notice but when done badly sticks out like a sore thumb. All that’s left to think about now is the final touches such as flooring, you may need to get the floor levelled before you install certain floor types.

There are lots of conservatory flooring options available to you, from tiles that come in a wide range of sizes, colours, styles and even new types of materials such as some beautiful natural stone tiles to laminate flooring or even real wood flooring for a luxury look and finish. One your floor is down you just have to paint and decorate and you are there.

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