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As a specialist in the bathroom, Approved Trader has the perfect bathroom mirror to accompany your interior in your bathroom design project. It is in this light that we have created this section to provide you with all the necessary elements to achieve the bathroom that suits you both in terms of product selection, installation or configuration of spaces.

Good lighting - Bathroom Mirror

When the light comes from above, it creates shadows on the face. To avoid them, light must come from the sides of the mirror.

Mirrors with integrated side lighting are the best solution to shave closer and applying makeup as accurately (guaranteeing the right balance: neither too much nor too little blush). They disseminate effective light but does not dazzle.

Choosing A Bathroom Mirror

A mirror is not only a useful object for your bathroom but also gives a decorative object, as a result it must meet both of these requirements. We must think of its functional aspect, but we must also think that it must be cleaned every day, so it must also be accessible.

The Anti-Fog Film and The Magnifying Mirror

These two elements are not necessarily essential but they are proving to be invaluable when the bath is full of mist from a warm bath or shower.

When the bathroom is not sufficiently ventilated and that any fogs up around oneself after a shower, it is not pleasant to constantly wipe the mirror with a towel. The mirror with anti-fog system (often in film form) in this case is very useful! New anti-mist systems allows you to install an anti-fog heating film behind any bathroom mirror.

The magnification can be achieved by a second round small mirror that is placed next to the sink and that is on a telescopic arm. We can thus move at will ideal when having makeup trouble or helping achieve a close shave.

Style and Size of The Bathroom Mirror

Size: Aesthetically, a mirror is very important in a bathroom. It should preferably choose the same size as the cabinet length supporting basins. Its size should be with your bathrooms sizes and other fittings.

The style is also very important to have a well-integrated whole; the mirror must be so unadorned style of the bathroom is very modern. In the case where wood dominate, why not reuse this material for framing your mirror? The latter is still better integrate into its environment. The color of the frame must also be the same as that of the elements of the bathroom. And remember, nothing like a good lighting to complete your mirror.


The cleaning of the bathroom mirror is always a problem. When using the bathroom several times a day and many people often lack self-discipline for cleaning. The person who does the housework often find the misty or water droplets and traces of soap or toothpaste. It is better to invest a little more to purchase by taking a high-quality mirror that is both radiant and non-marking. It will be much easier to maintain and clean.

Vintage Bathroom Mirrors - The mirror is an important part of your bathrooms interior design and the choice of a vintage design is an ideal selection for the more traditional homes interior.