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Bathroom Tiling Ideas

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Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes?

Using tiles in your bathroom is a favoured choice by many home owners, easy to clean and maintain, water resistant and giving you an attractive surface for your bathrooms walls and floors.

Using the different colours of bathroom tiles can help you create a fantastic design, look and feel. Approved Trader has bathroom tillers all over the UK with lots of expertise offering a professional service, Approved Trader gives our visitors a single source helping to advise you in your choice for your bathroom tiling projects.

If you are looking for a bathroom tiler, then we are a great starting point, with tillers who have a high level of expertise which will guarantee a perfect result for your homes bathroom.

Bathroom Tiling

How much does it cost to tile a bathroom?

The price will vary depending on the tiles chosen and the size of your bathroom, we will look to get you the best price for tiling your bathroom, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote and get very attractive rates.

Bathroom Tiles

When choosing what bathroom tiles to use, you will have lots of different options with the many effects and colours for tiles these include imitation stone, wood or polished ceramic in various colours along with a shiny or matte finish on your tiles. When choosing your tiles you have to select tiles that go with your bathrooms decoration and units helping enhance your bathrooms style, ambience and colours of your bathroom. When tiling your bathroom you can create patterns and mosaics by selecting different colours as well as creating splashback mosaics and images. You are also able to add coloured strips made from smaller tiles for sandwiching between two rows of conventional tiles to form a decorative stip.

Bathroom Tiles
Metro Tiles
Bathroom Tiling
Hexa Tiles
Multi Coloured Bathroom Tiles
Muti Coloured
Brick Effect Bathroom Tiles
Brick Effect Tiles
Slade Effect Bathroom Tiles
Slade Effect Tiles
Pastel Bathroom Tiles
Pastel Tiles
Woodgrain Bathroom Tiles
Woodgrain Tiles
Traditional Bathroom Tiles
Traditional Tiles
Bathroom Tiles - Black & White
Black & White
Bathroom Tiles - Narrow Stripe
Narrow Stripe
Bathroom Tiles - Small Tiles
Small Tiles
Bathroom Tiles - Aquatic Tiles
Aquatic Tiles
Bathroom Tiles - Mosaic
Mosaic Tiles
Bathroom Tiles - Border
Bathroom Border
Bathroom Tiles - Vertical-Stripe-Tiles
Verticla Stripe

Bathroom Tiling Ideas

When you are looking at tiling your bathroom, your only constraint is your imagination, with fantastic original designs and use of different colours, you are able to create a bathroom that looks ultra modern or give it a traditional look and feel depending on your tastes and the style of your home.

A well designed bathroom can help you increase your relaxation and wellness. Approved Trader have expert bathroom fitters and tillers all over the UK offering the most complete service to help create the bathroom of your dreams, customised to your exacting needs and requirements, helping give you all the ideas or advice you need on the decoration, design and layout of your bathroom. Offering low process for a professional service we can help tailor a bathroom to meet every budget.

Bathroom Wall Tiles / Bathroom Floor Tiles

Tiles are the perfect choice for both your bathrooms floors and walls, our professional tilers will be able to lay the tiles around your bathroom fittings, bath, shower, basin, toilet, towel rails creating a seamless bathroom interior.