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Build a conservatory to help prolong the summer season

Who does not want to enjoy there garden all year round? For many there garden is the ideal place to relax - whether on your own or with family and friends.

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Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes?

Who does not want to enjoy there garden all year round? For many there garden is the ideal place to relax - whether on your own or with family and friends. But as the rain and wind approach many of us are forced to retreat into our home, a conservatory gives you a middle ground where you are able to enjoy the views of the garden while being protected from the elements.

A custom made conservatory, complemented by a vertical sliding glazing creates a completely protected area, able to be opened wide on sunny days, and shut in the winter.

Practical accessories that complements the conservatory includes awning, built-in light strips and heater for cooler hours, making the glass house into a real comfort zone.

An optimally designed and built conservatory

What are the important aspects in the planning and design of a new conservatory, here at Approved Trader we give tips on material, construction, shading and equipment used on the construction of a perfect conservatory.

With a conservatory, you are able to enjoy your garden area regardless of the season. There is, however, several things to consider, so that as well as the beauty of nature as a view you also have a cozy feel within.

Is the purchase of a conservatory worthwhile?

The decision for the addition of a conservatory is usually purely an emotional one, as a living room extension could also be created by a conventional extension. The special attraction of the conservatory lies in its transparency, caused by the high glass content. Enjoying the views of nature, while sitting protected at the same time from wind and rain, this feeling can only be achieved with glass!

What materials are best used for building Conservatories?

The most commonly used material for conservatories today is upvc because it provides good static values, good corrosion protection and ease of care. Moreover, it is easy to process and make any colour. Alternative material include aluminium and timber although these are usually more costly that UPVC.

How do you recognize a quality conservatory?

A well constructed conservatory will include very good thermal insulation, achieved by using well-insulated profiles and heat resistant glass filled with gas. The glazing should have a so-called warm edge. It is also important that the ventilation or shading for the summer.

What are in the most common mistakes in conservatory construction?

Some of the most common error is made in the ventilation, shading and heating of your conservatory. In particular too little supply air openings, insufficient shading, insufficient heating, radiators badly positioned in the conservatory. All these things must be considered together as each element can factor on the other.

Are there any houses which a conservatory wouldn`t fit?

There are a plethora of shapes and designs of conservatories to fit almost any home, difficult connection situations (such as with prefabricated buildings) can be completed with little effort.

Which conservatory designs are currently in fashion?

It makes sense to make the conservatory inside bright, because bright colors are usually easier and friendly to deal with, especially in the dark season. Often lighting is also integrated into the roof rafters, which provides for a good light distribution in the room. Small LED spotlights create a real starry sky at night. For heating conservatories, underfloor heating is increasingly being used, which are not visible distributing the heat all around the conservatory. AS for shapes the most common type in the learn to conservatory primarily because of its afford-ability, Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian conservatories are also popular choices.