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Building surveyor`s specialists in different types of property from private residential to commercial and industrial property

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Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes? Whether you're looking for double glazing, to build a conservatory or in need of a builder to construct a home extension, we can help you find approved traders from your local area

Approved Trader

Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes?

A building surveyor can help in the development of new building as well as renovation of existing property`s. With building surveyor`s who are specialists in different types of property from private residential to commercial and industrial property, whatever the type of property Approved Trader can help you find a building surveyor to help with your building project.

A surveyor is able to help at various points during the building projects, from analysing and specking the job from the beginning to ensure that the building project is correctly planned through to the completion ensuring all work has been carried out to specification and meets regulations. A building surveyor can operate in a project management capacity or simply take more of an advisory position throughout. If you are looking at starting a building project and believe you may need a surveyor then complete our simple enquiry form and we will hook you up with an approved building surveyor who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A building surveyor can be an asset to most projects from large multimillion pound construction projects to smaller renovations and repair.

Work Carried Out By Building Surveyors

Ensuring Project Finished On Schedule & To Budget - Building projects can be complex with the need of multiple tradesmen carrying out different tasks and functions. In the event of a problem with part of the project, the whole project may fall behind. A building surveyor can help ensure your project remains on schedule without incurring additional costs.

Expert Knowledge of Building Schemes and Building Regulations - With many government schemes available for different home improvement and building projects a building surveyor can prove to be a wise investment, helping you get grants and discounts from the council or different organisations. Available schemes may include grants for new boilers; money for insulating your property, the addition of renewable energy as well as many other possibilities, a good building surveyor will have a good understanding of what is available in their local area. Another key task is a good grasp of the local building regulations and ensuring all work is carried out meets specifications, if work completed does not meeting building regulations this can prove to be costly to remedy.

Choosing Contractors - A building surveyor can help in the selection of tradesmen for the different aspects of the project, by creating detailed project specifications the tradesmen will be more able to give accurate quotes and costings for the work needed.

Evaluating Work Needed - A building surveyor can save you from entering into costly projects, checking a property for problems before being purchased can stop you buying a big problem or fully budget what money is needed to fix the property up.

Advising of Energy Efficiency - A green property not only helps the environment but can also reduce your monthly energy bills. A surveyor can advise on making your property more energy efficient, the use of double / triple glazing, ensuring doors are well fitted, the boiler and central heating system is in good condition, the property loft and walls are well insulated all aid in helping your property retain heat and reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home. There are also numerous renewable energies available now that may also help reduce your carbon footprint.

Preservation of Historic Buildings - Carrying out work on a historic building, has its own unique challenges from the use period specific materials to using historic building techniques. A building surveyor understands the rules and regulation of historic building conservation and renovation and will be able to stop you falling foul of the rules and regulations relating to historic and listed buildings.

Dealing with Planning Permission, Regulations and Property Legislation - When carrying out any building project from the construction of a new property, property extension or renovation it is imperative that you have the relevant planning permission before work begins, a building surveyor will have a good understanding of planning law and experience working with the local planning committee.

If you need someone who is able to carry out some or all of the jobs listed above, Approved Trader can help you find a building surveyor in your area.