Buy Wooden Fencing Online

Buy Wooden Fencing Online                                                                                                                   Here at Approved Trader you will find a wide range of timber garden fences, including some of the most durable wood fence panels that have been treated to be weatherproof making them ideal for both the construction of the fencing as well as giving a positive decoration aspect of the fence, utilising the natural beauty of wood.

Fences can be found in many variations and versions, ranging from the protective screen to the front yard fence or give you privacy in the back garden along with wind protection offered by the fences around your garden.

All the companies registered with Approved trader offer fencing made from high quality wood with great emphasis on creating attractive, durable fencing. If you are not sure what type of fencing to choose for your garden, our fencing contractors will happy to help you. For questions about fences, gates and terraces you can always feel free to contact us at

The different types of wood

The use of timber for your fencing gives you access to a wide range of options from softwood to hardwood fence panels,

Steamed Beech - Native beech timber is available in slight shade of red, Beech is a very sturdy and durable hardwood option ideal for fencing your garden.

Maple - Sycamore is one of the hardest domestic wood. Maple impresses with its bright color and the fine, fine grain. In order to obtain the bright maple wood tone also be treated with the classic wooden soap surface.

Birch is not as hard as oak or beech, but it is still highly suitable for fencing. In conjunction with an oiled surface of the silky shine and the golden tone of the wood come to their best.

OakClassic hardwood with beautiful medium brown color. Oak is known for its hardness and durability.

Cherry - Wood of wild cherry is also one of the hard precious wood. Cherry has a beautiful yellowish-red color and an expressive grain.

WalnutAlive in the grain and with an impressive drawing, fencing made from walnut are full of character and a unique look and feel.