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Colour Choices for Your Home Decor

Finding the perfect colour for your homes interior decor

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When selecting colours for your home`s interior there are countless options all of which can be related to different emotions and feelings.


Linked to creativity, orange is a colour choice for the confident who are wanting to express themselves, a colour of celebration and laughter orange is the perfect choice for a child`s room or used in conjunction with other colours.


Dark blue is a colour synonymous with order and efficiency deep blue can help integrate your home’s interior colour scheme. Lighter shades of blue can give your home a sense of peace and tranquillity. Aqua blue can help create a peaceful, relaxing ambiance for your home. If blue is used as the predominate colour in any decorating scheme for your rooms interior it may make your home feel cold.


Green as a colour is linked with prosperity and wealth as well as the colour of nature. The use of green in your home’s interior colour scheme helps give a feeling of a fresh start and growth.


Linked with spirituality as well as royalty the use of purple in your home décor can help you connect with your spiritual side and enhance your feeling of well being.


The use of red for your home`s interior can create energy in your rooms interior, but as with energy over use of red can also be dangerous. Deeper reds can be used to evoke passion and help you express yourself and your emotions


The colour of concentration and focus, yellow can help stimulate your thinking process.


The colour of the heart, pink is linked to tenderness and love and can be used to create a room that speaks to your emotional side.

When creating the colour scheme for your home it is important to remember that the best décor is created by using a selection of different colours that complement each other.

If you are looking for expert help with your home’s interior décor then Approved Trader can help, with lots of information, hints and tips throughout the website. We are also able to help you find expert interior designers and decorators who are able to help you create a beautiful colour scheme for your homes interior.