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Tradesmen often need commercial vehicles such as vans, trucks and lorries to carry out their work. Be it small or large, it is important that you find the best insurance policy for your commercial vehicle. There are many insurance companies offering policies for a whole range of commercial vehicles. When selecting what insurance policy to purchase for your vehicle there are a number of factors to consider. Obviously one of the first things people look at is cost, insurance cover for commercial vehicles is more than private vehicle insurance, as most commercial vehicle are often used more as part of their day to day activities. Other factors that impact on what insurance option you choose is the excess you may be liable in the event of theft or an accident. Many insurance firms also offer other incentives such as a courtesy vehicle when needed, other features that may be included in a policy is breakdown cover, cover against theft of tools and contents of your vehicle and protection of your no claims policy. Another consideration is the number of vehicles; if you are a company with multiple tradesmen with numerous vehicles then some insurance companies offer special deals and policies for commercial fleets.

There are many flexible insurance policies for all types of cover for all types vehicle, we understand that every tradesmen needs the appropriate cover for their needs, there are many insurance comparison sites to choose from as well as many independent insurance companies, when selecting the cover it is always recommended to compare the different policies available.

The cost of your insurance will depend on a number of factors that includes your age, driving history, number of insurance claims previously made among other key factors. Different insurance companies will use different criteria to underwrite the policies available.

Van Insurance

Vans are a key component for many tradesmen used to transport tools and supplies from one job to another, popular vans include the classic Ford Transit Van, Mercedes Vito, Vauxhall Vivaro among many others.

Trucks and Lorries

Lorries are vital to the building and home improvement trade, used to transport the materials needed from job to job. Having the appropriate insurance is vital if you a using trucks commercially.

Insurance Companies

There are many companies offering insurance for commercial vehicles popular policies include.

NFU Mutual - The NFU is an insurance company with years of experience providing insurance for business, originating as a specialist agricultural insurance provider, the NFU now offer a complete range of insurance policies that would be suitable for companies and tradesmen.

Aviva Insurance - A leading insurance company Aviva has around 31 million customers worldwide, as the UKs largest insurer, Aviva has insurance plans for vans and lorries.

Churchill Vehicle Insurance - Starting as a motor insurance company, Churchill have expanded their range of policies to include insurance for vehicles used for business such as window fitters, builders, garden landscapers, electricians, plumbers and other tradesmen.

Direct Line For Business - Direct Line initially began offering car insurance, Direct Line have grown to be a leading UK insurance company with excellent insurance for tradesmen.