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Decorative Fencing Ideas - Attractive Fence Panels and Posts

Decorative fences, timber, PVC fencing, get great ideas creating an attractive decorative fencing. Garden, terrace or balcony the right shape and the right material for your fencing can be a great addition to any garden.

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Here at Approved Trader we have fencing contractor and suppliers located all over the UK offering highly decorative fencing, giving you fencing ideas and inspiration both fitted as well as fencing panels on a supply only basis. If you would like more information on the fencing options available then contact us on 0800 0029120 or email, alternately complete our simple online enquiry form.

Here are some examples and ideas for creating a garden fence that is both decorative and functional, browse through for inspiration on creating an attractive border for your garden.

Trellis Fencing

The use of trellis fencing in your garden can create beautiful decorative additions to your outside space, you are able to either left the trellis fencing empty allowing you to see through them into the space behind them giving the feeling of a much more of an open feeling. Alternatively you can use the trellis fencing to attach climbing plants that will give you the beauty of nature to decorate your gardens borders. You are also able to use trellis fencing for feature in and around your garden again giving plants a place to climb and grow.

Grange Fencing Diamond Trellis

Decrative Trellis Extension
An ideal addition to your gardens landscape these trellis extnsions can be added to existing fence panels creating a decrative feature for a normally drab fence. An excellent garden feature either left free or used for climbing plants. £25

Horizontal Weave Trellis

Horizontal Weave Trellis
4ft x 6ft horizontal weave trellis, presure treated these decreative panels have a 10 year guarantee, helping you create an outstanding feature for your gardens overall landscape and design. £87

Decorative Fence Panels

Garden fencing panels have moved on a great deal from the boring standard rectangular wooden fence panels, they now come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours using different materials as well as having the attractive use of decoration allowing you to create a feature from your garden fencing.

Here are some examples of decorative fence panels for your garden.

UPVC Fencing

Modern materials such as UPVC are available to help offer people new and unique types of fencing for their garden, durable and long lasting UPVC fencing are built to last the test of time. Although most people think of white plastic fencing when considering UPVC fencing there are numerous options available on the colour and design allowing you to make the most of your artistic flair when creating a decorative fence for your homes garden.

Willow Fencing

Willow Screen Fence
Willow Screen Fence Pack
An attractive screen or fence for your garden, eco-friendly and durable creating a natural fence for your garden. £17.99
Willow fencing give you an attractive natural feel for your homes garden perimeter, creating a screen around your garden. Willow fencng can also be used in conjunction with existing fences disguising worn and tattered areas. Willow fencing is not the ideal choice if you have dogs or other pets as it is not as secure as other garden fencing options available.

Metal Fence Designs

Not suitable for all types of property, metal fencing can create a highly decorative element to any garden, whether you go for Victorian style metal railings or a more bespoke designed fencing, using metal for your fencing gives you numerous options to choose from.

Garden Rope Fencing

Not the most secure choices for your exterior of your garden, rope fencing can create an attractive barrier inside your gardens landscape, ideal for placing around garden decking or decorative flower beds.

Fence Picket Designs

A picket fence is a traditional fencing design for homes in the British countryside and can help you create a homely feel to your property. Again with many options of colour, material and size you are able to create a completely custom design for your home.

Decorative Wood Fences

Wood is a very attractive material, when used in the garden you can create an attractive natural look and feel to your landscape design. Choosing from the numerous types of timber available from pine, cedar, oak, beech or even bamboo, there are literally 100`s of types of wood to choose from, all with their own unique characteristics. Once you have chosen the type of timber you have many other options to choice from including shape, wood also allows you to add decorative features upon the surface of the fence panels that you choose.

Lattice Fencing Ideas

Similar to trellis fencing, lattices have been used for centuries, helping decorate gardens of the renaissance and medieval era`s. As with the use of trellises, lattice fencing can be used for climbing plants ideal for flowering plants injected the beauty and colour of nature into your garden

Garden Fence Designs

British homeowners spend thousands on landscaping their gardens each year but the gardens fence is of equal importance giving a defined perimeter as well as being highly visible from people outside of the garden. Here at Approved Trader we are here to help you create a beautiful garden from the fencing through to the plantings and garden features available, for more information on the products and services available please contact us on 0800 002 9120

Decorative fences, timber, PVC fencing, get great ideas creating an attractive decorative fencing. Garden, terrace or balcony the right shape and the right material for your fencing can be a great addition to any garden. PVC fence or wood fencing are two popular solutions, the choice depends according to the role of your fence, your garden landscape and your own personal tastes and preferences.

Your fencing help secure your garden and give your property the privacy that you need, but just because your fencing is functional does not mean it needs to be ugly, Approved Trader can help you create an attractive fence within your budget.

The first criteria for the installation of a fence is the aesthetic and decorative appearance, the wooden fence can be a wise choice. Natural material in addition to being durable, wooden fence comes in a multitude of shapes and colours. Only drawback to this solution: you may need to maintain with stain and treatment to protect the fencing from the environment, you can opt for wood composite fence , known for its strength in the time and lack of maintenance.

For a less traditional option, wrought iron fence is also a very attractive solution. It combines wrought iron gate with multiple patterns to choose, with a concrete wall. However, wrought iron fences are relatively expensive products, often made-to-measure. Finally, fence panels made from natural materials may also provide nature and design solution to a garden or a balcony.

Gabions Fencing - the modern solution for your

garden Gabion is popularly known as wire frame fence that encases decorate stones and rocks, the word gabion comes from the Italian, there are a variety of ways to use gabions. They are suitable as visual and noise protection, partition, gabions raised bed , bench , flagpole elements , wall paneling, slope protection and much more. Gabion is fashionable to replace the classic wall of concrete and planted original, add them to blend in with any garden. Gabions differ in various basket sizes, mesh sizes, wire diameters and surface alloys. On our online website you will find several gabion series, which are particularly suitable for each different functions and applications.

Garden Fences - Safety and Security Garden fences are not only decorative and offer a beautiful addition for your garden but also offer protection and safety. They limit your garden and secure it at the same time from unauthorized intrusion and vandalism.

Here at Approved Trader We have partnered with manufacturers and supplier for your fence products, offering garden fences for all your garden fence needs. Our product portfolio ranges from high-quality decorative and wooden fences and plastic fences to multifaceted lattice fencing . Approved Trader have companies who specialise in offering garden fencing.

Offering a high level of Innovation, we offer quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. Give us a try! You will find lots of varied style of fencing for every price category, suitable for every function giving you the right solution.