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The environment is now everyone?s concern and we all have a responsibility to reduce emissions, waste and our energy consumption. Homes are now assessed for their energy efficiency in the Government`s new Home Sales Packs. In today`s energy-conscious society it?s now more important than ever to provide consumers with lamps which are kind to both the environment and their wallet. Almost a quarter of the UK?s carbon dioxide emissions come from energy used every day in our homes. By saving energy we can all help prevent climate change.

Replacing traditional GLS lamps with energy-saving light bulbs is a simple yet effective way of reducing our impact on the environment whilst at the same time saving money. Traditional incandescent light bulbs waste a lot of their energy by turning it into heat rather than light. An energy-saving light bulb uses 80%less electricity than a standard incandescent (GLS).

Our energy saving light bulb range includes everything from classic energy-saving lamps in candle, spiral and globe shapes to spotlights in various shapes and sizes for low-voltage and high voltage applications. So it?s now even easier to choose an energy-efficient option. Energy-saving light bulbs used to be unattractive and took time to reach full brightness. Technology has moved on leaps and bounds, meaning energy saving light bulbs now achieve full brightness instantly and in some cases as an attractive as traditional ones.

As a result of this increased focus we?ve had many enquiries in the past 12 months for energy saving light bulbs; so we decided to dedicate a user friendly web site to energy efficient light bulbs and was born.

Now you have the information at your finger tips to assist you in making the right decisions for purchasing energy saving light bulbs for your home.

Please contact us if you require additional information and I hope that you find the site as informative and useful as we intended.

Benefits of Energy Saving Bulbs

Nowadays, we all want to do our bit in order to save the planet, and save a bit of money too. More and more people are beginning to realize the benefits that come with GU10 LED, as opposed to your regular, incandescent light bulb. People are turning to these kinds of energy saving bulbs now more than ever, especially since in recent years they have become a lot more stylish and above all, a lot cheaper too, not to mention the fact that they can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. These bulbs are really energy efficient and will definitely help you on your way to being more environmentally friendly.

The first advantage of GU10 LED has to be that they are now very economically priced, yet still provide a very high quality light, just like your typical household light bulb. Within 6 months, your GU10 LED bulbs will be paying for themselves, and you`ll also find that they last a whole lot longer than your regular incandescent bulb, which is always an advantage, as it will save you trips to the shop should your bulb unexpectedly pop.

GU10 LED are also a lot safer to have around your family, as they give out up to an amazing 75% less heat than typical light bulbs. We all know that kids love to get their hands on anything and everything especially if they are not allowed to, and I`m sure somebody has had to console a child who tried to innocently grab a light bulb that had been switched on for a while. GU10 LED are perfect for families because they simply just don`t get hot, so if kids did grab them, they won`t get burned, but it`s still a good idea to teach them not to touch light bulbs however!

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

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Energy Saving Light Bulbs