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Do you want space in your home, but not wanting to move, and then developing your garage into a living space may be a viable option and a better economical solution than moving home or building an extension

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Do you want space in your home, but not wanting to move, and then developing your garage into a living space may be a viable option and a better economical solution than moving home or building an extension.

Here at approved trader we have an overview of the process, formalities and the major work that will need carrying out along with interior design hints and tips to make the most of the new living space.

Possible alternative uses to your garage

A garage is open to lots of possibilities for transformation, here are some ideas, but the list is only limited by your imagination:

Pantry : Creates a storage of food, wine, with practical storage and pleasant lighting, clearing space in the kitchen.

A laundry room : a room dedicated to the machine, friendly washing machine and dryer, ironing board, no more noise when you are doing your weekly wash!

Home Office: Work from home and want to create a dedicated working environment by creating a home office.

Hobby space: The coin enthusiasts, home-cinema collector or handyman, everything is a pretext to develop his hobbies space

A bathroom , a sauna or a spa : a room dedicated to wellness and relaxation.

An additional bedroom, accessible ground floor for disabled or a mini-studio for a teenager.

A games room: snooker, darts table tennis or modern games such as your xbox or playstation.

Kids playroom: Help keep your home tidy by giving your children a dedicated room to trash

Do you have another idea of development? Let us know please email us at

Converting a garage into living space is an extension of the living area , which means it must meet building regulations and be safe for inhabitation.

Firstly, you may need permission from the planning department of your local council, not all garage conversions will require this but it is best to check before you precede with any work, approved trader have a number of planning consultants who will be happy to discuss your circumstances and answer any questions you may have.

The development of the garage into living space

Ensure the garage is properly insulated, if you are renovating an older property pay special attention to ensure you don`t have lead pipes or asbestos, in the event of finding asbestos call a professional straight away as can be highly dangerous to your health, Approved Trader have a number of tradesmen who specialise in asbestos removal as well as plumbers able to swap out old lead pipes. Ensure the room is damp proofed to ensure no rising damp for the future.

While thinking about insulation : the garage is often lacking. The insulation of walls and ceiling can be done in different ways: on the outer walls to avoid encroaching on the interior space, or inside , depending on the type of wall. A loft insulation if they exist or insulation underlay .

Your home heating system can be connected to new radiators installed to keep the space warm. You can also opt for an efficient electric heater that does not require to be plumbed into the heating system although this will probably cost you more to run in terms of your energy bills.

Side lighting, whether there is a need to make further opening this door for a separate entrance from the main entrance or a window or a skylight to bring in light . Identify the best place for additional windows, remember to respect the distance of neighbouring properties.

Decor Tips
The garage often has a natural light on one side, while being longer and narrower than most rooms, garages also often have a reduced ceiling height, exposed pipes causing the room to have a claustrophobic feel, with thoughtful decorating you litigate these drawbacks.

To break length, install partitions, choose translucent if the room lacks light, this will help reduce the impression of length by applying a dark colour on the back wall and clear for the rest of the room colours will create a "broadening" effect for the room. A darker shade floor and clear walls or vertical stripes on the walls will "push" a low ceiling and create the illusion of height.

Replace the door garage with a bay window that will flood the room with light if it is not too deep. Consider also the mirrors are excellent reflectors of light, placed judiciously in order to create the illusion of a larger room.

Install insulated formwork to hide unsightly pipes and create an integrated look and feel.

if space is limited "space saving", starting with sliding doors including for storage. Opt for a modular furniture, stacking height shelves. All in coordinated and neutral tones, the colour is inviting by objects (pillows, lamps, curtains ...).

Finally, if you are planning a corner shower room / bathroom or kitchen: do not forget the ventilation to prevent formation of moisture or mould.

If you are considering converting your garage then why not get in touch with us here at Approved Trader with tradesmen for every aspect from planning to decorating we can help you with part of the renovation or help complete the whole job from beginning to end, all quotes are free and will guaranteed to be competitive.

Garage Conversion Costs

The Cost of converting your garage will depend greatly on its current state as well as what you are converting the garage into, if you complete our simple enquuiry form we will create a tailored quotation outlying the exact costs for the renovation project.