How To Build A Brick BBQ

How To Build A Brick BBQ                                                                                                                    With the summer approaching then many British homeowner are looking forward to those sunny days, eating red meat and having a beer, BBQ`s are loved throughout the UK. If you don`t have a BBQ then we are here to help with this easy to follow guide to building your own brick bbq.

Plan the size and location - Look for the perfect space for your BBQ, when choosing the best place for your BBQ take into consideration wind as well as ensuring it is far enough away from plants or other items in the garden that could catch fire. When choosing the size of your BBQ, you need to find a grate and measure the BBQ to the grate.

BBQ Foundations - Building your foundations - Once you have chosen the size and location of the future barbecue, dig a hole 10 cm deep in the soil and pour concrete into the hole and smooth with a trowel, check that the floor is level with a spirit level to ensure you have created the perfect surface to begin the build.

Building the BBQ - Allow the concrete to set, leave for at least 24 hours before building on top, stacking the bricks along three sides, using mortar (cement + sand + water) to set the bricks in position. Tip : Check with a spirit level horizontality on every new "floor" layer.

After stacking to the height you wish fix the grate into position and continue building upwards.

BBQ Base - Under the grill you need to place a steel container to hold the BBQ`s coals, the container must be particularly strong because it will house the fire. Construct new 2 storey brick. Again, use a spirit level to check the horizontality of the barbecue.

Find a builder

If you are wanting a purpose built Brick BBQ but find the construction process a bit daunting, we can help you find a professional builder to construct a BBQ for you, it is a relatively simple task and can be complete relatively quickly making it extremely affordable especially if the base is already in position, using approved trader free quote tool allows you to compare multiple builder giving you the best rates.