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How a horse walker can help in rehabilitation of injuries

Sport horses can regularly suffer injuries that require resting and time to heal, after the initial injury the horse may require a

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Sport horses can regularly suffer injuries that require resting and time to heal, after the initial injury the horse may require a rehabilitation schedule that a horse walker can be a valuable addition, helping improve your horse’s fitness without putting too much strain on the injury.

A horse walker can be used to gradually increase the time spent building up fitness and muscle, many leading equestrian veterinary practices around the UK have horse walkers that they use during the healing process. A horse that has spent a long period on box rest may also be a bit fresh when first let out from the stable, a horse walker gives you a safe secure environment where you will be able to control the horse’s instincts to gallop and covert, stopping it from healing and possibly causing more damage to the injury.

If you are a competition yard then the addition of a horse walker may not only help you with the exercise of fit horses but also help you reduce the rehabilitation time of injured horses. The use of a horse walker can also reduce the amount of injuries your yard may get, if your horses are fit and well exercised they a less likely to suffer an injury, in addition a horse walker can be used to warm up and cool off your horse before and after riding, this is equivalent to you doing stretches before starting a workout at the gym.

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