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How to get rid of bed bugs - Bed Bug Treatments and Removal

Bed bugs are a common occurrence, attracted to your body heat they attack at night feeding on your blood, causing irritation; here at approved trader we can help you find companies to treat your bed bug infestation removing the problem.

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Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes?

Bed bugs is a problem for many uk households, these little pests move in and make you the meal biting you in the night and feeding on your blood. Here at approved Trader we have many bed bug treatment companies who offer effective methods of eradicating your bed bug problem.

Simply complete our simple online enquiry form to start your search for a bed bug control companies in your local area who have been vetted and approved, all companies have signed up to provide a high level customer service at a low cost price, when you use us to find a company for your pest control company you will get multiple quotes that will allow you to get the best price to treat your home for your bed bugs.

What is a Bed Bug?

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on blood, usually while you sleep, bed bugs love the warmth of your home and usually are more active at night, although when they feed you donít notice them, bed bug bites can cause rashes and discomfort as well as some other issues especially if you have an allergy

Bed Bug Treatments For Commercial Properties

Bed bugs can not only be a problem for residential properties but also can cause serious issues for companies, with influx of different people hotel, guest houses, restaurants, entertainment venues, care homes to mention but a few businesses that may be negatively impacted by a bed bug problem, approved trader can help you find a professional company to help eradicate your unwanted visitors.

Bed Bugs Symptoms

When you have a bed bug infestation there are number of signs to look out for, these include small blood spots on your bedding where they have fed on you, skin rashes and itching, cast skin from the young bed bugs as they grow and a sweet & sickly smell

Treating Bed BugsTreating bed bugs can be a difficult to detect and eradicate, so professional help is often the best cause of action, although there are a number of off the shelf bed bug treatment products, including bed bug sprays for your property.