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Insects can be a pest by inside your home as well as your garden, but the treatments for the two locations can vary depending on the types of insects you are trying to remove. We can help you in your search for tips and advice to control insect pests

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Insects can be a pest by inside your home as well as your garden, but the treatments for the two locations can vary depending on the types of insects you are trying to remove. Here at Approved Trader we can help you in your search for tips and advice to control insect pests as well as help you find professional pest control companies who will be happy to help you eradicate insect infestations large and small.

Fight Against Insects In Your Garden

To fight against insects in your garden you need to eradicate them at the many different stages of development from egg to adult, insects have very short fast life cycle`s, so if you only manage to remove the adults they will soon be replaced by the next generation, certain insects can cause lots of damage and mayhem in your garden destroying plants and vegetation.

The fight against insects can be a complicated task, especially in spring and summer, where they multiply: mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, moths, ... These little creatures invade your homes and gardens and can be difficult to get rid off.

A clean and tidy home is less attractive these pests, which is why it is necessary to start with a great cleaning to remove. However, it may happen that, despite an impeccable interior, these little creatures back to settle permanently at home. Get lots of tips to fight against insects effectively and prevent the invasion

How to fight against flies and mosquitoes?

With the arrival of summer, the fight against flies and against mosquitoes is often a daily task and can be difficult to stop from getting overwhelmed, There are some simple steps that will help you fight against insects effectively: Do not leave the light on in an open room , store food in closed places, consider the addition of mosquito nets on windows and doors to prevent them from returning home, else closing your blinds or curtains can also help form a boundary into your home.

Anti flies adhesive

You are able to get fly strips that attract flies and then traps them, these can kills many flies but will need regular changes as they can look very ugly.

Anti-fly and anti-mosquito cassette

To protect against insects , you can also opt for the good old flyswatter is the most economical solution, but the results are often not as positive than the more effective, insecticide spray in the room that will fight against insects and eliminate the majority. I advise you to leave the room by the time the product to work and then ventilate briefly.

To protect against flies and against mosquitoes for a long time, a good recommendation is the use anti flies and mosquitoes diffuser continuously releases a repellent that will keep insects away. You can find different forms: taken to plug cassettes or hanging example. Finally, the fight against flies, there are papers coated with gum called "flypaper" that you can place in your home, by hanging or sticking windows. Admittedly, this is not very aesthetic, but it has the advantage of being odourless and very effective.

Flies and mosquitoes dislike the scent of lemon So do burn a few drops of essential oil of citronella in your room or spray it away for some time!

Ant removal

How to fight against the ants? It is difficult to fight against the ants once they are introduced to you, but rest assured solutions are available. Even if they do not damage, they swarm in closets and never leave you alone.

Sealed box - To fight against insects , start keeping all your food in sealed boxes (especially sugar), because ants are mainly looking for food for the nest. To protect you against ants also stop all cracks through which they can enter. And if the invasion continues, place bait in the form of gel or box in areas known passage (bottom of the doors, windows). They are very effective against insects because they destroy the ants by contact.

Baking Soda

A more natural way, you can fight against ants is by drawing a line of baking soda in their way. Ants moving in single file, simply change their route to keep them away.

Ants, as surprising as it may seem, have a horror of chalk! Chop it into powder and sprinkle it on strategic locations, and ants will be much less courageous to go!

How to fight against cockroaches?

Attracted by heat, moisture or food, cockroaches are mainly found in the kitchen or bathroom area. To fight against cockroaches and avoid invasion, certain precautions can be taken.

First of all, do not let them gain access to water or food, clean the kitchen after every meal, do the dishes immediately, keep the bins closed and empty them regularly. It is also a good idea to eliminate fat deposits on the hob to fight against insects . In addition, to protect against cockroaches , clog spaces through which roaches can enter your home (except ventilation systems).

In the case of an infested room, a thorough cleaning can help remove them , using a vacuum cleaner and a powerful detergent. And if you catch cockroaches by sucking, close the vacuum bag and dispose of it immediately!

Cockroaches Traps

At times cockroaches and cockroaches may return. It is then recommended placing traps on the ground or gel syringe against cockroaches : it will eradicate and prevent their proliferation. Consider placing these traps in strategic locations to effectively fight against insects : near the walls, refrigerator, and all wet and dark areas.

Do not let a fight against cockroaches last long, deal with them quickly and effectively, these small animals reproduce very quickly! If nothing works, then hiring a pest control professional may be recommended.

How to fight against moths?

Fight against moth`s is complicated because they are a scourge. Indeed food moths readily cupboards and nibble all your supplies (rice, pasta, cereals). It'll just throw all the foods that have been in contact with moth`s.

To fight against insects , clean the inside of cupboards with bleach to remove all traces of food. Rinse well and dry. Then place pheromone traps, safe for food, in the form of paperboard coated with glue, it attracts and destroys the male moths, thus ending the reproduction of this type of insect.

Regarding the clothing moths, settling in your clothes and linens made of organic material (cotton, wool, silk, fur, etc..), You can fight against mites by putting chips in your moth machine or by placing moth to bases of natural products such as cedar, naphthalene or camphor. Finally, small simple but effective actions to protect the machine against moths: ventilate closets and shake the machine regularly.

If you only have a few moths in your closet, put them in small bunches of lavender, because that smell strongly discourages them.

How to protect against mites and against fleas?

It is hard to fight against mites because they are everywhere in the house. Particularly in bedding, linens, rugs or carpet. It is not possible to completely get rid of the mites but you can reduce their impact on your environment using some precautions to prevent their proliferation.

Dust mites love the heat, so I advise you not to overheat your home and ventilate your room daily. I also invite It is also recommended you vacuum regularly, even on furniture and mattresses, to protect against mites . In addition treat bedding and sofa with an anti-mite product, and the carpet can be cleaned with a sanitizer shampoo.

To protect yourself against insects in your home, start first by making a clean home. If that's not enough, it is necessary to use more radical methods. To fight against flies and mosquitoes, you can use a diffuser, a spray, a flypaper paper or a fly swatter. Also, be sure to ask a mosquito net to avoid invasion. To combat ants and cockroaches, store your food in airtight boxes, place bait in their way and block the spaces through which they pass (except vents). To eradicate food moths, place pheromone traps in your kitchen cupboards and drop moth clothing in wardrobes to protect your machine. Finally, the fight against mites and fleas and prevent their proliferation, treat your bed, your couch and your soil with suitable products.