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Is The Home Phone Dying Out

Over the last ten years the growth of mobile phones has eclipsed that of the humble landline, what is making uk home owners swith to there mobile phone.

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Over the last ten years the growth of mobile phones has meant their use has eclipsed that of the humble landline to the point that in the UK mobile phones actually outnumber the population with people owning multiple phones for business or home use. The latest figures show around 75,750,00 mobile phones for a population of 61,612,300 resulting in a ratio of 122.9 mobile phones per 100 people. Here at Approved Trader we have carried out some research to find the biggest reasons people are switching.

Added features and applications on mobile phones appear to be a big factor in the change with 56% of those we asked stating this as their main reason for favouring the modern mobile. When you compare the functionalities of the two devices the argument is difficult to refute, smartphones offer a plethora of extra uses which include internet access, the ability to check and read your emails, access to your social networks, music players, camera and video recorders to name just a few, none of which can be accessed by a land line telephone, the modern mobile phone has come along way from there arrival in the 1980's! Interestingly 74% of the people we surveyed said they actually used their mobile more for other forms of communication such as sms, instant messaging or email than they do for making a phone call.

As technology advances it is easy to envisage how the mobile device will evolve further with even more added features such as remote control for your television, virtual reality / augmented reality or a connection to other smart devices such as the new smart watches that are currently being released, the scope for advancements are huge.

The ability to be always available and connected is the second main reason those we surveyed prefer their mobile with 32% stating this as the main advantage of having a mobile device. The mobile phone gives you the ability to communicate at home and when you are out and about, allowing you nearly full access to your family and friends.

8% of people picked price as a key point, with cheap deals available and low cost tariff’s, those in the know can also use new apps such as snap chat or watsapp along with your email give you low cost ways to communicate using your mobile phone. It is interesting that of the people asked 92% of people still had a landline contract many of which as a combination deal along with there home internet connection.

Another reason that people are leaning towards mobile is the ability to have their own phone, how many of us over the years have become fed up of being the secretary for our teenage kids?

All figures were collected from a survey carried out of 2000 people between the ages of 18 and 75.