Make Your Own Mosaic Easily

Make Your Own Mosaic Easily                                                                                                                 Do you enjoy using your hands to shape your ideas? Here's a tip to make yourself your own mosaic from ceramic tiles. We will see the steps to create and install your own mosaic ease to easily beautify your bathroom or other room in your house.

Choosing the right tile

Choose rather thin but solid to walk over tiles for example. They will be easier to use if you are carrying out the work yourself, because they are thinner you should be able to easily cut them to size, you must be aware that if your tiles are thicker they will be more difficult to handle.

How to cut tile?

2 options available to you. Either use the method "hard" with a hammer, or use the "soft" method with pliers.

For the hammer, you should wrap the tiles with a cloth and tap it with the hammer.

For the clamp, use some suitable clamps that allow you to cut your tiles as you wish.

Important: Always remember to protect yourself with goggles and gloves to avoid cuts or projection.

Choosing the right adhesive

This is depending on the tiles that you choose, different tiles will require different types of glue.

It is essential that your subfloor / under floor is dry and clean. Then you just have to paste the previously cut pieces on the support with the adhesive and a brush. Consider leaving a small gap of 1 to 4 mm for the joint.

Mosaic on a non-porous surface or screed

In this case, it is necessary to spread the adhesive by means of a comb on the substrate. Then just lay the mosaic tiles in quick succession so that the seal is the finest possible. This is the method to use to place your tiles on your shower tray with tiling.

Above all, remember to choose a colour that highlights your mosaic. Then you have 2 solutions for the choice of seal: powder or paste.

The advantage of seal paste is directly usable, but it really does not keep long in contrast to sealant powder.

As soon as the sealant is ready, spread it by hand until the spaces between the different pieces of mosaic are filled. Then, once the seal is spread it will need a drying time of about 30 minutes or more is necessary. Clean excess joints with a damp sponge before they harden completely.

Once dried your mosaic should be finally ready!

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