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Mood Lighting To Create A Romantic Atmosphere

From candles to controls and dimmers for your lights, create a romanticatmospher with mood lighting

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Lighting can have a huge impact on the ambiance of a room, and the right lighting can create the perfect feel for a romantic evening. Light and colour have not only a decorative effect but also has an effect on the mood of the people in the room.

The perfectly lit room for a romantic evening is dark with a low level lighting to create a pleasant ambiance. This can be achieved in a number of different ways, popular solutions include the simple options of lamps, candles or alternatively changing the position of your light fittings as well as adding a dimmer switch that will allow you to turn up or down the brightness of your rooms lighting.

Candle Lit Room

The use of candles is synonymous with romance, a candle lit dinner is considered the height of romance. Strategically placed candles create the perfect feel for a romantic evening, along with the pleasant ambient light, candles are also available that will give of an aroma when burnt, these scented candles can help contribute to the feel of the room via multiple senses.

Candle Lit Dinning Room
There is nothing more romantic than a candle lit dinner, creating the perfect ambiance for love.
Candle Lit Bedroom
The bedroom the most romantic room of your home, cande can create a romantic feel in your bedroom.
Candle Lit Bathroom
Bathing under candle light, creating a relaxing atmosphere to help forget the stress of the working day

Romantic Lamps & Lighting

The addition of a lamp strategically placed in a room can give your room a fantastic feeling, the softer lighting of a lamp, create a comfortable atmosphere decreasing stress and helping create a relaxed mood creating that romantic feeling you are looking for.

Light Dimmer

The addition of dimmer switches to your homes rooms gives you the ultimate control of your homes atmosphere allowing you to increase or decrease the brightness of the room dependent on your mood. Once the lights have been lowered your environment becomes softer and more comfortable which is a great way to decrease stress and bring on a relaxing state of mind. Several different light sources in larger rooms can also give you increased control: ceiling and wall lights , rails - or rope lighting , table - and floor lamps all contribute to cozy mood lighting. Supreme comfort can be offered with modern lighting systems that allow you to control the light by remote control giving you maximum control.