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Mums Want A New Kitchen

Mom Wants a New Kitchen :- Our research shows that a new kitchen or kitchen upgrade tops the list of dream home improvements for UK moms.

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Mom Wants a New Kitchen:- Our research shows that a new kitchen or kitchen upgrade tops the list of dream home improvements for UK moms.

  • Nearly 1 in four of all moms we asked would prefer a new kitchen.
  • London based mom`s dream of a beautiful garden area.
  • An indoor swimming pool scores highly amongst young moms.

There are areas of our home where we would all like to make improvements so with mother`s day fast approaching we conducted some research to find out what our much loved mothers in the UK would like to improve or add to their home, we asked them:- ‘What is your dream home improvement?’ and analysed the results and it yielded some interesting outcomes, we discuss the findings below.

We divided our study into age groups of 18-21, 22-25, 25-30, 30-40 and 40+ which highlighted some interesting trends,  for example the 18-21 year old mothers were the only group not to prefer a new kitchen or kitchen upgrade with 19% of those surveyed choosing that option. Though Kitchens did score quite highly for this age group, this leisure minded age group dream more of playrooms, gardens and swimming pools with the latter scoring highest amongst 18-21 year olds at 23%, in fact this group is the only cross section of our group to have the highest percentage of answers for swimming pool.

An even more noticeable trend in our figures was for conservatories, they came third in our survey overall but scored highly amongst older mothers and very low amongst younger moms. In fact only 3% or 18-21 year old mothers who answered our survey said a conservatory would be their dream addition whereas a whopping 27% of mothers aged 40+ dream of a conservatory extension on their home, this trend goes right through our age groups. When we look at geographical location a trend appears for conservatories there too, we broke the UK down into seven areas which were London and surrounding, Midlands, Northern England, Southern England, Scotland, Wales. Our research shows that most areas show around 10-15% dream of a conservatory whereas responders in Wales and Southern England show more of a preference for conservatories with 22% and 21% respectively.

When we look further into geographical location more trends appear, In largely built up areas such as London and the Midlands figures illustrate that space is at a premium in areas, though both score highly in the kitchen area, these two demographics both score higher than ot her locations in wanting both garden and playroom areas with London and surrounding areas the only group to score the highest in wanting a new garden or their current garden improved, this stat holds water as many properties in this area either don’t have gardens at all or have shared or smaller garden areas.

Spokesman for Richard Harvey says: “We all owe so much to our beloved mothers, so if you are looking for the dream mother’s day gift then it seems a new kitchen would be at the top of their list.”

“Younger mothers seem to be focused on play with swimming pools, gardens and playrooms scoring highly whereas older moms seem more focused on structural improvements with conservatories scoring really highly along with a really high score for kitchens. Interestingly there is an age divide when it comes to décor with older mothers showing a big preference towards decorating than their younger counterparts.”

It’s no surprise to me that a garden score highly amongst London moms, space is hard to come by in our capital so when new building go up, a garden ids often sacrificed but it is a great space for kids to enjoy.”

*We questioned a nationally representative sample of 1000 adults aged 18 between 15th March and 21st  March 2014.