Replacing Damaged Walls Tiles: A Less Complicated Operation Than It Seems

Replacing Damaged Walls Tiles: A Less Complicated Operation Than It Seems                                                                   Whatever your reasons, changing your wall tile is a task that is not as complicated as it seems. It is essential to have good tools at hand to avoid damaging the adjacent tiles. You can choose between two methods to remove old tiles: the chisel-hammer angle grinder method or just using the chisel and hammer only.


Before we get to the heart of the matter, it is good to list the tools needed to remove a wall tile. Chisel, hammer and / or the angle grinder mentioned above should be able to help you removing the existing tile, you'll need a mask and goggles as well as gloves. Note that if you do not have a chisel , you could use a chisel mason.

Now that you are equipped, it remains for you to choose the method that suits you best. Rudimentary method of chisel and hammer is simple and effective.

Use the tip of your chisel at the joints placing in the space between the tile and the wall. Using the hammer, hit the chisel to remove the tiles. Your action break the tile into many pieces, or blow it up entirely. In the first case, broken tiles to eliminate just as easily with a hammer and chisel. Do this on the other tiles you need to remove.

To break a single tile, you can directly place the chisel to its environment, the downwardly sloping edge and hammer. So as not to damage neighbouring tiles, leaving the centre to remove the pieces.


The use of an angle grinder, in addition to the hammer is of the chisel is useful if one must change all wall tile. Cutting the tile, then you can simply clear the tiles with a hammer and chisel, following the method mentioned above.

If using a grinder it is more necessary to wear goggles while carrying out the wall as the angle grinder generates a lot of dust.

However, using mostly flat disc, the angle grinder is convenient to remove the glue residue. Alternatively, a flat chisel to eliminate as well the rest of tile adhesive. In all cases, the difficulty to change a tile if there is difficulty, lies in the release of the toughest tiles, which then require just a little physical effort.

Once you have removed the tiles you will then be able o fit the new replacement tiles.

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