Search Engine Marketing For Your Double Glazing Company

Search Engine Marketing For Your Double Glazing Company                                                                                     If you are a window company trying to get found on the internet approved trader may be able to help, a large number of home owners begin looking for double glazed windows by first using a search engine such as google or bing, with google getting around 22,000 search a month just for the term double glazing.

The days of search engines being a simple list of websites has gone, a modern search engine result pages includes results from around the web, images, videos as well as advertisements. Search Engine Marketing can be split into many different areas the three key components are organic search, pay per click and local search, each area offer their own benefits and drawbacks, offering different challenges for your company to make the most of the opportunities provided by search engines.

Organic Search - SEO

Search engines choose what websites to position highly in the search results by a complex algorithm that takes into account a number of factors. Two important factors that are evaluated by the algorithm is the content, ensuring your website is well written and has been built adhering to search engines principles. The second factor is links, this is where you ensure your website is linked to by other HIGH quality websites. This means ensuring your website is unique and gives an excellent user experience so other people choose to link to you naturally, this does not mean going out and buying thousands of low quality links from poor quality websites, this is against the guidelines of search engines and will result in your site getting removed from the results. Here at approved trader we bring an ethical white hat approach to optimising your website to try and get the best results for you and your company.

Keyword research As mentioned you the double glazing market on search engines is huge and trying to get those top ten results can be challenging, going after keywords such as double glazing will put you in direct competition with the double glazing big boys such as Everest windows, Anglian and safestyle amongst others. Although very rewarding this can be a lengthy and costly task, meaning you it may take a while to see a return on investment. With good keyword research you will be able to find more niche keywords that are less competitive and may even convert to sales better than the more generic search terms. We will work with you to find these treasure and help you optimise to make the most of your companies strengths and individual offerings.

PPC - Paid Search

Good SEO takes time, you cannot jump from position 100 to position 1. PPC allows you to quickly generate traffic from the search engines paying for advertisements; we can help set up an effective paid search campaign, maintain it or offer you training so you are able to manage it yourself. Paid search allows you to target by location and an efficient paid search campaign can help increase sales as and when you need it.

Local Search Marketing

- Google and other search engines have seen that many of us are looking for localised results, so display companies in the area of the person doing the search, a sub category of organic search local search gives you a much better chance of getting found on the first page, also because the people who will be seeing you will be in your catchment these can be much more valuable than other searchers.

If you would like help with any aspect of your search engine marketing, from driving traffic to optimising your website to increase conversion contact us today at and we will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.



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