Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas                                                                                                                          The use of plants, flowers, foliage and colours can create a fantastic outside space all year round, with careful selection of plants for your garden space, Approved Trader can help create a great look and feel for any area, large or small.

Approved Trader have lots of professional gardeners who are able to work with you to create a fantastic garden area for you to enjoy. Working with you and listening to your expectations, our gardeners are eager to satisfy you.

As well as offering professional service of garden landscaping and designs, we also bring our visitors a guide to garden projects, with lots of inspirational ideas for your garden. With 100`s of pictures of garden design ideas that depict the gardens you dream. We invite you to a great journey through all styles, all shapes and all colours of gardens. With many different styles that you will be able to draw exciting ideas to help you transform your garden, patio or even your balcony corner in to a little piece of paradise.

Ideas For Small Gardens

Owners of small outdoor spaces have a whole host of decorating ideas for your small garden, balcony or terrace. Approved Trader is home to lots of gardening tips for you.

Folding Garden Furniture - Garden furniture gives you a comfy seat or table to enjoy a nice outdoor lunch, the use of furniture that can be easily folded away or minimised can be an excellent addition to your garden.

Originality = To give a strong visual effect, the use of original objects giving your garden a great focus. Water feature, unusual planting, garden stature, plantings. Ensure your new garden feature is built in keeping with your property.

Good Use Of Colour - From decorative garden features as well as colour in your plantings gives lots of added character to the garden.

Use of the height - When there is a Lack of space, why not invest the height of the garden. Add Some plants? Suspended in a tree pot or use of garden trellises, bamboo can also be an excellent addition to your property.

Use walls and garden bordersIdeas using the height maximize every square meter, do not hesitate to use the walls to revegetate the area. Use a trellis for climbing plants or set of flower pots in height.

Garden Lighting - Use of garden lighting can have a great effect on your garden, use of lanterns can give a great effect

Mistakes to avoid in a small garden

Just because you garden is small doesn`t mean your garden can`t become a great space for you to enjoy, here are a few things to avoid in your small garden.

Donít leave your garden empty - Contrary to belief leaving your garden area empty will not make it seem larger, no matter the size of your garden, you are able to use the beautiful colours from nature, creating a pleasant view from your home and a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the British summer. Having a smaller garden can be advantages, easier to maintain and less work giving you more time to enjoy your garden.

Donít leave your garden functionless - When creating your gardens design, consider how you are going to use it, will you use it for sun bathing, social events, or relaxing in the shade with a good book. By creating a space with a specific function you will spend more time enjoying your garden space.

Donít limit yourself to just plants - The small size of your garden is not a hindrance to your desires to add accessories and features, a small water feature, sitting area or a bbq space, all these can help create a fantastic living space,

Donít forget to think about creating a pleasant atmosphere for your garden - Finally, treat your garden as an additional room of your home, do not hesitate to use accessories. You decide if you want to create a zen garden, pop , design or a more traditional garden design. Make your garden in keeping with your homes decor.

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