Solar Panels

Solar Panels                                                                                                                                Solar panels and renewable energy are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, more people are turning to renewable sources to generate their own energy as fuel bill soar in a trend that shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. With government encouragement in the form of feed in tariffs, we are able to make huge savings on our ever increasing fuels bills and in some cases even make money back.

Feed in tariffs allow you to make money from generating your own power, these tariffs allow you to get paid for the electricity you use and produce and sell the surplus electricity to the national grid.

Other forms of renewable energy to choose from include Air Source Heat Pumps, they absorb the heat from the atmosphere which is used to heat radiators, under floor heating or warm air convectors in your home. Ground source heat pumps work in a similar way but they uses pipes buried in your garden to extract heat from the ground. For bigger project, hydro electricity uses running water such as a stream or river to generate power, smaller hydropower systems can produce enough energy to run a home.

Some less often used renewable energy sources which are becoming more popular are thermal stores, a way of collecting and managing heat until it is needed around your home also wood fuelled heating is an option used more commonly in modern times, harking back to the days of old, wood burners are combined with boilers to negate the use of gas and fossil fuels.

Installing renewable energy can be an expensive undertaking so it is important to get lots of consultation and speak to a number of companies for quotations before making a decision. There are many factors to be considered such as what roof type you have and where the panels will fit and indeed what other devices could be installed to ensure you receive the best return on both energy saving and investment.

We can take the hard work out of finding the right company to undertake your renewable energy installation, all of our pre approved traders have been vetted by our trade experts so you can be safe in the knowledge that whichever you choose you will be getting a quality installation by fully qualified and experienced engineers. has a network of approved companies all over the UK ready to discuss your energy needs, we will match your requirements to four of our approved companies who will each arrange a visit and free, no obligation quotation. All you need to do is decide who to commission to do the work.