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Star Wars Furniture and Home Accessories

Do you love Star Wars, how about some of these accessories for your home? Tie Fighter tables, Death Star lights, carbonite fridges, have a look at the weird and wonderful star wars furniture available for your home.

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Here at Approved Trader we have created a list of Star Wars accessories for the home, helping a bit of a galaxy far far away into your home. With imperial themed furniture as well as rebel styled home fittings, browse the wide selection available for your property.

Tie Fighter Glass Table

A classic design this glass table in the style of an empire TIE fighter is ideal for any coffee morning, an excellent addition to any star wars fans home.

Tie Fighter Glass Table

Star Wars X-Wing BedStar Wars X-Wing Bed

Dream about joining the rebel alliance this childrens single bed is the perfect choice, shaped in the shape of the legendary rebel fighter the X-Wing, getting your kid to go to bed will no longer be a problem.


Finish of the star wars bedroom design with star wars bed sheets.

Star Wars Bed Sheets


Han Solo FridgeHan Solo Fridge

The scene of Han Solo being frozen in carbonite at the end of Empire Strikes Back, has been immortalised by star wars fans. With this fantastic fridge you can immortalize the moment and have your very own Han Solo frozen on the door ways to your beer. As well as this smaller size fridge there are bigger versions available as well as fronts for your existing fridge. There are a whole host of other star wars themed fridges that include R2D2, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and many others

Star Wars Lights

3D star wars themed lights for your homes interior walls, Darth Vader, Death Star, R2D2, Light Saber, Boba Fett and many others. Coming with cracked wall sticker to create a seamless effect for the addition on your wall. With a timer and remote control, not needing wires is easily fitted.


Darth Vader Upholstered Chair

A stylish addition to your home, offering both comfort and style, sit in this star wars themed chair and have a seat on the Dark lord of the sith Darth Vader.


Darth Vader Star Wars Chair

Star Wars Toilet Seats

Star Wars Toilet SeatsEven Star Wars cant escape toilet humor with numerous novelty star wars seats being release, here is an example with the pun made from the Rebel admiral Ackbar famous quote IT`S A TRAP

Darth Vader Wood Burner For The Garden

An ornamental wood burner giving warmth while enjoying the beauty of nature, styled in the image of Darth Vader, the eerie look of the flames will bring the face to life.

Star Wars Darth Vader Wood Burner

Star Wars SpeakersDeath Star Speakers Bluetooth speakers designed to look like a Death Star, easily connected to your phone giving you excellent sound quality that can be moved around your home, listen to your favourite tunes in the kitchen, conservatory, bathroom and other rooms in your home. Can we recommend the imperial march!


Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Whether you need a desk for your kid to do their homework on or maybe you need a fun desk for your own home office this Han solo desk again incorporates the classic scene from Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Desk - Han Solo in Carbonite

Star Wars Shower Heads

These funky shower heads makes shower time fun, with Darth Vader or R2D2 shower head extensions they are easily installed and affordable, an ideal fun gift for any star wars lover.

Star Wars Shower Heads