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When we say window blinds, the general picture that comes to our mind is that of horizontal blinds attached to a string in such a manner that it can be rotated at different angles to either block the light, let the light pass, or when required, to ensure complete visibility through the window.

We have seen window blinds being adjusted accordingly to let light pass and also to regulate the temperature of the room. But have we ever pondered about their role in saving energy as well as a host of other benefits? Most people are unaware that it can actually help to reduce energy consumption. Astonished? Well, just have another look at these activities.

1) If we are letting the light pass through to help in clear visibility, then we tend to automatically switch off a few lights in the room. This can reduce the energy consumption by a small fraction.

2) If the room gets warmed up due to the heat emitted by the sun outside then we save energy here too by reducing the cost of running of the heaters, and thus saving energy.

3) By covering the entire window, we block the heat from the sun from entering the room and thus the room cools down. This reduces the use of air conditioners and air coolers. And thereby reduces power consumption.

4) They help in creating a soothing ambience of the room giving a mental calmness.

5) It avoids the reflection to fall on the Television that used to create a sense of irritation and strain for the eyes.

6) Economically, they help in cutting costs in the form of less energy. The Insulating values of blinds differ according to the texture and design. The higher the value the more it helps in saving the energy. The energy saved by using energy saving window blinds can be as high as 45-50 %.

7) Reduces the fading effect on the furniture and hence reducing the necessity of changing them frequently.

8) They come in all ranges of cost hence they are affordable by all.

During summer itís always advisable to use light and medium colored drapes / blinds as they help in allowing the natural light to pass and make the room fairly lit and usable. A white colored plastic backing helps in hurling the sunlight back outside, even before it gets converted to heat. This increases the cooling effect.

With the demand of such blinds increasing day by day, the varieties available in the market are also increasing with constant modifications to make it more effective. Of these energy saving blinds, the latest ones are the solar screens which not only save energy but also prevent the UVA and UVB lights from entering the room.

There are quite a number of different blinds with various textures and styles. So, before choosing the one for your home, you should ensure that the blinds you are looking at are also effective in cutting down power consumption.

For more information about energy saving blinds, check out these honeycomb shades at Honeycomb shades are designed to provide maximum insulation for your home and reduce energy costs by up to 50%