Tile Backsplash Ideas - Ideal For Bathrooms and Kitchens

Tile Backsplash Ideas - Ideal For Bathrooms and Kitchens                                                                                    Tile backsplash ideas can be found in many places, from modern wall art to the beuty of nature, a backsplash that fits its surroundings can be a valuable attition to your homes interior design.

The decorative element of a Backsplash

A backsplash can be the perfect thing to bring color, design and style to your kitchen or bathroom. An area of wall tile that looks a little water or carry, is the perfect backsplash for stone plates, metal, glass and hand-painted ceramics to fragile for use elsewhere.

Best of all, the kitchen is one of the truly decorative backsplash tile design areas. Whether you want to create a mural, the room with color or personal details illuminates want, the backsplash the place to do it.

Tile Backsplash Ideas and Inspiration

During years tile a flat, square or rectangular products was most likely of ceramic clay, today's a backsplash can be something else entirely. Three-dimensional art tiles, mosaic tiles, stone, glass or metal, different shapes sizes and colors are produced in an endless series of backsplash tiles.

What does this mean for you as a homeowner is this if you can imagine it, you can create a backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen.

Get inspiration, take a look at whats around for your ideas


Create a mural on your backsplash reflective area in which you live, or a favorite vacation spot. Look for the Arts and Crafts style tiles with images of pine trees, or handmade pottery, which fit together to form a view of the water, complete with wildlife. Behind your hob is a fantastic place to position your tile backsplash bringing in the colors, shape and stylea of nature, what better way to bring nature into your home?

Art Work

Are you an art collector, or appreciate good art? Splurge on some hand painted wall tiles for your backsplash, or tiles with pieces of art to decorate, you are able to use your tiles to create larger pictures and mosaics with the use of multiple tiles.


Do you have a hobby, a passion or just a quirky interest in something? IRun a musical scale of tiles along your counter tops and fill the space behind the hob with pictures of instruments when a music buff. Install a ceramic tile back splash made to look like riveted metal look, and have it glazed in modern colors for an interesting twist.


Want a simple backsplash that has many effects? Choose handmade ceramic or glass tiles in a solid color. Handmade tiles vary slightly in color from piece to piece, lending a depth to the room. Pick up the colors from the counter top, ceramic, porcelain, or display, window treatments or a side room for color splashes through the kitchen without competition.

Repetitive pattern

Is there a picture somewhere in your home you would like to repeat? Vines, ivy, Greek key or basketweaves and repeat them backsplash on the kitchen. The result is a cohesive design throughout the apartment, mirroring of images.

Tile backsplash ideas are all around you, from your garden to your favorite storybook. Take pictures of your favorite things for inspiration to help convey your ideas to our tiling experts. Stick to your passions and create a backsplash that is as unique as you.

Approved Trader have tilers located all over the UK and will be happy to answer you questions and give ideas, information and advice on adding an attractive backsplash into your home.

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