Timber Windows

Timber Windows                                                                                                                              Timber framed windows may not seem the obvious choice for your home but there are good reasons as to why you might select them in the right environment over upvc or aluminium frames.

You often see timber framed windows in old buildings, some of which are protected where the frames have lost their shape or may be in bad condition, but lets not forget these buildings are often hundreds of years old and were probably not made with the same techniques as modern timber frames which are now built to last a lifetime. Many more people are choosing timber frames nowadays, especially in rural or rustic looking buildings in an attempt to match the aesthetic of the building.

Probably the first reason for choosing timber frames in the look, many people believe they are infinitely more attractive than UPVC or aluminium frames and we tend to agree. You can be more flexible in choice with timber frames, you can tailor them to best suit your home by choosing from a wide variety of wood types such as maple, oak or mahogany, each offering a distinct and unique look for your home. The wood can then be painted, carved or stained to your preference offering a much more bespoke window than UPVC or aluminium.

Modern timber frames are much longer lasting than they used to be, if properly maintained they can last a lifetime compared to their predecessors. They are naturally insulating being made from wood and this can help retain heat in your home and reduce carbon emissions, something which the public are becoming more and more interested in.

If your carbon footprint is an issue which you are interested in then timber frames are the way to go, they are an environmentally friendly option using renewable sources and often available from sustainably sourced materials where trees are replanted to replace the timber used or reclaimed timber, an option which is not widely available with other materials.

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