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Water beds are not to every bodies taste but many do find them a great addition to your homes bedroom. A waterbed must be completely empty for the moving to avoid damage. It is important to consider the possible damage caused by a damaged water bed with possible flooding of at least one room, if something goes wrong.

Water beds history can be traced back thousands of years, with the Persians creating water beds from goat skins that contained water, it was in the 1970`s that water beds became popular again in today’s world, with many people believing they give a restful, relaxing sleep, as well as being good therapy for certain types of back problems.

Many water beds temperature can be controlled, giving you a cool bed in the summer or a heated bed during the cold winter months.

Advantages and disadvantages of a water bed

While it is true that the use of waterbeds is rare and not particularly widespread, the do have their supporters with advantage over a conventional mattress. A big advantage is the reduction of pressure on your bodies’ muscles and joints, the water molds to your body making your beds mattress shape around your body. Water beds can also aid in promoting your body’s blood circulation. Water bed mattresses are also well suited to those who suffer from allergies as they have a reduced amount of dust, bacteria and mites compared to normal mattresses.

A drawback to a water bed is the extra maintenance required, a special algae must be added to the liquid inside your mattress, prices of waterbeds are also often more than a normal bed for your bedroom and often have lesser options available to choose from. Some water beds also require to be plugged in to heat the water, this can cause increased electricity bills as well as untidy wires in your bedroom.

They are also often not favoured by couples as the bed may have increased movement when one of the couple moves. Water beds often last for around 5 years before being replaced, they may require fixes along the way in the event of a puncture.

If you are looking to find a water bed or any other type of bed then approved trader is here to help you find the perfect bed for your sleep.