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Get help installing or replacing windows in listed buildings and older properties, approved trader have many expert window fitters who can offer a competitive quote for wooden replacement windows and other materials.

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If you own or live in a listed building you are often constrained by a number of limitations for any home improvements you may wish to carry out, this includes installing replacement windows / double glazing. The restrictions vary on the buildings grading, sash windows in old listed buildings may not only affect the appearance of the building but also determine what materials can be used.

Installing secondary glazing is often a popular choice in listed buildings and historic properties, it is non intrusive and can be installed from the inside, secondary glazing can offer additional insulation, helping reduce the energy consumption of the building, there are other options available for listed buildings, but it is important you fully understand the restrictions and apply for the appropriate permissions needed for any work. If you would like a free enquiry on installing secondary glazing or any other type of replacement window, please complete our short online enquiry form for free no obligation quotes from approved tradesmen.

Wooden Windows

The majority of older properties have wooden windows, although long lasting they do deteriorate over the years especially older windows that do not have the new treatments that make them more durable, Approved trader have a large number of window companies who have experience installing windows in listed building ensuring they are fitted with care to ensure the property is not damaged.

Wood Effect UPVC Windows - With some properties you may be allowed to install upvc windows, modern upvc windows come in many different styles and finishes, including upvc windows that do look like timber windows.

Building Work For Listed Buildings

If you own an older property or a listed building then you may well require a specialist builder who has prior experience renovating and maintaining older properties, Approved Trader can help you find a specialist builder to carry out the property that you require, simply complete our easy enquiry form and get a no obligation free quote for the work that you wish to have carried out.

When carrying out any work on a listed building it is important that you keep within the restrictions, if you are wanting to make a change to your windows or the building work of your property then you will need to get permission from your local councils planning department, for a small project you can expect an answer to your request within 8 weeks, before starting the application process it may be helpful to talk to your local authority to get an outline of what they recommend and favour, this could help you save time and money. If you carrying out work without consent then the local council can make you reverse the work you have carried out and return the property to it former state.

As well as builders and window fitters approved trader also have planning consultants and architects who will be able to help you plan your application and get granted permission any work you are wanting to carry out.