Woodchip Wallpaper - Fitting, Repairing and Removing Wood Chop Wallpaper

Woodchip Wallpaper - Fitting, Repairing and Removing Wood Chop Wallpaper                                                                    If you are looking to decorate your home with woodchip wall paper approved trader can help you in your search to find a professional decorator who will be able to help you from beginning to end, giving you the different wallpaper designs available to preparing your homes walls and laying the wallpaper.

Cat and dog owners are familiar with scratched woodchip wallpaper, but other damage can be caused by furniture hitting the wall, causing unsightly spots in the wallpaper on the wall Approved Trader can help your repair and renew one or more sheets of damaged woodchip wallpaper.

A method of renewing the woodchip wallpaper is carrying out selective repair. Here you can either just stick a small-fitting piece of wallpaper over the broken place - or to make it even more elegant use liquid woodchip wallpaper from the tube !

When pasting over with a matching piece of wallpaper this new piece should not be cut with scissors to fit but torn by hand. This makes for flatter, smoother transitions, which are almost impossible to see after recoating.

The use of liquid woodchip wallpaper from the tube: Here you must apply and pass the liquid wallpaper to the desired position by hand. The hand is actually the best tool, which is mainly due to the specific composition of liquid wallpaper (other optional tools include a brushes and spatulas). After the Liquid wallpaper has dried, you can paint over it and looks after no difference between the old wallpaper and the place where the woodchip wallpaper has been repaired. The transitions are not visible even up close.

Removing Woodchip Wallpaper

Your homes decor is an important part of making you feel comfortable at home, changing your homes wallpaper or repaint your home’s interior can give your property a new lease of life. But before you can re-paper the walls you must remove old wallpaper off the wall. When removing woodchip wallpaper, several problems may arise especially if several layers of paint have been applied to the woodchip. In painstaking detail, centimetre by centimetre to get the old wallpaper off the wall your patience is put to a severe test.

Before you go to the work of the wallpaper removal, you should first lay out the floor of the space with a tarp, or similar, otherwise it could generate a mess and stains on the ground. For removal of wallpaper, you initially need a filled bucket of lukewarm water, add plenty of detergent into the water and put a sponge, wallpapering brush, or a garden hose ready.

Now take the sponge, brush, or spray bottle and moisten the part of the wall. The wall must be really wet, here Patience will be rewarded, and the wallpaper dissolves when it is wet. If the wallpaper wet through and through, it can be removed with a spatula working from the edges, so the procedure is done section by section until the entire space is exempt from the wallpaper. Before the new wallpaper is attached, should be allowed to dry.

Woodchip wallpaper steam removal

Another great way to say goodbye to old woodchip wallpaper is to bring a steam cleaning device for use. Here you go with a light pressure, slowly with the steam cleaner on the selected area, the hot steam penetrates into the wallpaper, after a certain time you can remove the wallpaper easily. Similar results are obtained with a special device that is meant for wallpapers peeling, such equipment can be rented at hardware stores.

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